[2011 KDrama] Queen Insoo
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Posted 9/29/11 , edited 1/7/12

Title: 인수대비 / Insoo Daebi
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2011-Dec-03 to 2012-???-??
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:00
Director: Lee Tae-Kon
Writer: Jung Ha-Yeon


The life of Queen Insoo from her childhood to adulthood as she ruled Joseon alongside her mother-in-law, Queen Jeonghee. The drama spans from King Moon Jong to Yeon San, Insoo's grandson.


Chae Si Ra as Queen Insoo
Ham Eun Jung as young Insoo
Ji Jin Hee as Song Yi
Kim Young Ho as Prince Suyang
Kim Mi Sook as Queen Jeonghee
Kim Ga Yun
Baek Sung Hyun as Prince Dowon
Kim Yong Hee
Hwang Hyo Eun
Seo Yi Sook (서이숙) as Court Lady Park
Baek Seung Hwan (백승환)
Jang Yong
Han In Soo
Shim Yang Hong
Park Young Ji
Jun In Taek
Lee Duk Hee
Kwon Ki Sun
Choi Ji Na
Sun Woo Jae Duk (cameo)

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Posted 10/9/11 , edited 10/9/11
Chae Shi-ra to headline cable drama Queen Insoo

This time cable network jTBC has scored A-lister Chae Shi-ra to star in their upcoming sageuk drama Queen Insoo. Chae Shi-ra (Empress Cheon-chu, Emperor of the Sea) has pretty much reached the level of stardom where you only play queens, so it’s no surprise that she’ll be taking on another royal figure.

Idol-turned-actress Ham Eun-jung has also been added to the cast to play her younger counterpart, after a successful run on her first sageuk, King Geunchogo. I’m glad she’s stretching her acting wings, because I’ve seen a marked improvement from Coffee House to Dream High, and learning from veterans like Chae Shi-ra will only make her better.

The pair of them will be playing Queen Insoo, mother of King Seong-jong, who ruled Joseon from 1469 to 1494. (He was the subject of the 2007 drama The King and I, where Yoo Seung-ho portrayed the young king.) He was crowned at the age of 13, and so he was essentially a figurehead ruler until he came of age. During that time, his mother Queen Insoo, along with his grandmother Queen Jeong-hee, ruled from behind the throne.

Now THAT’s a mother-in-law dynamic fit for high drama. Basically Queen Insoo was the daughter-in-law whose husband had never been king, who suddenly rose to a position of power when her young son succeeded his uncle’s throne. If they’ve got Chae Shi-ra playing the daughter-in-law, they’re going to need an even more imposing actress to play her mother-in-law, that’s for sure.

Queen Insoo will be helmed by PD Lee Tae-gon (Last Scandal of My Life) and writer Jung Ha-yeon, who penned the high-drama mother-daughter makjang hit Flames of Ambition. The drama premieres in December on jTBC.

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Posted 11/10/11 , edited 11/10/11
Added stills for the upcoming Korean drama "Queen Insoo"

Posted 11/10/11 , edited 11/11/11
I'll definitely be watching this. I love dramas written by Jung Ha-Yeon.
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Posted 11/17/11 , edited 11/17/11
Ham Eunjung and Baek Sung Hyun spend first night together on ‘Queen Insoo’

T-ara’s Ham Eunjung and actor Baek Sung Hyun exchanged glances in jTBC’s series Queen Insoo, which will air in December. Ham plays the role of a young Queen Insoo and Baek plays the role of Do Won-goon.

In the pictures, which were released on November 17, Ham and Baek can’t take their eyes off of each other and made people smile with their affection.

The series deals with a young Queen Insoo and her relationship with Do Won-goon. The production crew said, “We will describe Queen Insoo and Do Won-goon’s relationship passionately and honestly even though it took place during the Joseon Dynasty.”

The scene of their first night together will be released on November 18. In the past, brides were traditionally very shy and it was the grooms job to try to comfort the bride. But, Insoo and Do Won-goon’s first night is different. Do Won-goon was shy but Insoo says, “My headpiece is too heavy” and shows her bold personality.

The series is about the struggle for power between three Queens: Queen Insoo, disposed Queen Yoon, and Queen Jung Hee. The first episode of the series will air on December 3 at 9:00 p.m.
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Posted 11/24/11 , edited 11/25/11


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Posted 11/30/11 , edited 11/30/11
‘Queen Insoo’ press conference

Upcoming cable channel jTBC weekend drama Queen Insoo held its press conference today, November 24. All the main cast were there except Ham Eun Jung (who plays young Queen Insoo). She was absent because her girlband T-ara has activity schedule in Japan today.

50 episodes of Queen Insoo kicks off December 3.

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