Possibly the one time you can't get into legal trouble with uploading unathorized anime online
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While you obviously should give credit to any formerly copyrighted work that's in public domain (For example, I think this would work by saying something like "Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet).

While it is technically stealing under the general definition of stealing being taking something that isn't yours (and thus breaks the 8th Commandment), from what little I know/understand, you can't be held legally accountable.

This being said, I am telling anyone to find an anime that is in public domain and upload it (Including the ancestral anime from the late 1910s-40s, it's going to be hard find few if any anime being in public domain if one is to look at this chart)

Source: http://libguides.lib.umt.edu/content.php?pid=119432&sid=1042184
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