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Posted 9/29/11 , edited 9/29/11

1. No God Modding AT ALL. Please give the other members a chance to react before you land a move. It isn't fair to them. But that doesn't mean dodge every single attack you must allow yourself to be hit as well. If you get hit they in return should take one of your hits. It also means whiplash on your moves.
2. Be Active! Post at least once a week if possible.
3. Be respectful to the Creator and Mods. If we tell you that your out of line do not fight us. There isn't any way around this rule.
4. Write your words fully. I do not want any: u's, k's, etc.
5. Please try to quote! If you don't know how to please contact one of the three members below.
6. Try to put quoted posts in a Spoiler. Again if you don't understand again we will help you.
7. Be descriptive. No one liners. Write this like a story. I want it be easy to understand though please don't over do it a whole page.
8. Third person, please. Past tense. That doesn't mean you speak past tense though. Here is a example: Tiffany walked along the crowds mumbling to her. "Please oh please don't be there..." She didn't want to see her brother at all. You see? Just write this like you would a story.
9. Invite your friends! More rpers the better.
10. No limit on cussing. Please don't swear in every line though that's kind of un-needed.
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