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The Secret to Happiness
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Posted 12/3/11 , edited 12/3/11
Ahhh happinesss. IMHO happiness is an inside job. From my own experiences id say in general do for others more then you do for yourself.

Shortest sentence relating the issue, but for those who have helped others and looked into themselves for a many years, do you feel a better sense of 'happiness' compared to before helping people and not looking into yourself?
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Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11
Well, I'd say that in order to be happy one has to know who one is and have a clear conscience. Man was created to know, love, and serve God in this life and the next. The answer to how one does this varies from person to person. Being Catholic, I can identify four vocations: 1) Married, 2) Single, 3) Ordained, and 4) Religious. Married persons are fulfilled by raising their children to be productive, God-fearing members of the community. Single persons have more time to freely give of themselves for the benefit of others. Priests bring people closer to Our Lord and Our Lord closer to the people. Those in a religious orders benefit others through a particular service, such as missionary work, aiding the poor, caring for the sick, education, or a penitential life. Each of us was created to serve God in one of these capacities (generally speaking, I don't think that there's a fifth option) and will be most happy in that role.

And one cannot be happy if one's conscience is not clear, if one is filled with regrets. On one hand, this comes about through missing opportunities to benefit oneself and others. On the other hand, deliberate sin places a definite obstacle to one's happiness. In the same way that a fugitive cannot be happy knowing that the Law is after him, one cannot be happy with God's justice hanging over his head. How can one be happy knowing that one will be damned to eternal torment upon his death? Though, I must add that God gives many chances to repent: the greatest sorrow of those in hell is that if they had even just said a short prayer asking for forgiveness, they would have been saved.

In summary, happiness consists in fulfilling one's vocation, doing good, and obeying God's law. Even if one is being tortured, it's possible to be happy as long as one does these two things.
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Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/6/11
Step 1: Figure out something you want to do, either long or short term
Step 2: Figure out how to do it
Step 3: Do it
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit.
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Posted 12/6/11 , edited 12/7/11
That's a silly question.
Happiness is the state of being happy.
A state of being that is achieved by either an instant, or continous feeling of joy.
Joy is a positive reinforcement provided by an organism's nervous system to help reach and maintain a physical, mental and spiritual state of being that is beneficial to the organism, for survival.
What a being does to acheive joy, what a person does to achieve happiness can vary.
Varying beliefes, chemical balances and enviromental situations can change the necessary actions required by an organism to experience joy. The times,the weather, the economy, the local predators and prey - everything in this world, this unverse, affects what it takes to reach a state of happiness.

The real question is, in the end, what good comes from being happy?
If I'm right. If happiness, joy, are pushing us towards seeking things that benefit us, provide a state of optimal survival for our beings, then that means everything we do is towards an end result - staying alive. Does that mean that when we die, we've failed at acheiving happiness? Does that mean that every human is doomed to fail at the very thing we are all biologicaly programed to chase during our times here in this world, this universe?

So I guess we're all just chasing after eternal life.
If that can be achieved here on Earth, that's fine and dandy.
There are those that would say eternal life can be found elsewhere, however...

Perhaps those paths are worth a look.
Posted 12/7/11 , edited 12/7/11
Learn what you want and learn how to ask for it.

There is no Secret to happiness. You do what makes you happy.
I'm getting the feeling that the OP here just wanted to make a question for the sake of making a question.

It's really that simple. Life is full of changing emotions. If you want to be happy just stop thinking the way everyone else thinks and just be content.

Posted 12/21/11 , edited 12/22/11
There is no such thing, life in my opinion is about suffering, you struggle in the hopes that one day all that will come to pass and finding your place in this world.
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Posted 1/4/12 , edited 1/4/12
How do you become happy?? You just gotta look at the world from a different perspective! It's eeeaaaassy when you get there ^__^
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Posted 1/4/12 , edited 1/4/12
You need to have some sort of goal and achieve it. And I mean a goal that is tantamount to a dream. And not the standard American Dream, but a dream you forge by your own hand. To go out there and do something, to know that you have the prowess to accomplish something you consider meaningful and did so something meaningful.

That's what I think, anyways, to put it vaguely.
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Posted 1/4/12 , edited 1/5/12
being forgiven my sins and forgetting them is the happiest things i can do.
Posted 1/5/12 , edited 1/6/12
Mine would be.. music, dance, and looking at things in a positive way, even if you need to force yourself to thinking that way
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Posted 1/5/12 , edited 1/6/12
Do what you love. If you don't love it, don't do it.
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Posted 1/6/12 , edited 1/6/12
I think the secret to inner happiness has a lot to do with perspective. What you practice, you become! So if you practice being mad all the time, you'll go mad~LOL! If you practice finding joy, in time you will find it. I do believe we hit hard times now and again, but contentment can come again with practice.
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Posted 1/6/12 , edited 1/6/12
love, no extremely long explanation like everyone else, just love
Posted 1/6/12 , edited 1/6/12
A job. It really is, it gives you discipline, money, something to talk about, and makes life go round.

It gives you a sense of time keeping. You appreciate your free time more and force yourself to do fun things with friends.

Even if you hate your current job think of how good your CV will look with the experience so that you can secure a better one.

Also just be yourself and enjoy life, if you are yourself you'll find someone who loves you for who you are, how can they love you for who you are if you're not being yourself?

Get up in the morning, go for a walk to clear your head.

Friends! Go out and enjoy yourself as often as you can and the events that occur will be conversations for the future.

Also get a hobby or two gain new skills.
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