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What's the best brand of headphones?
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22 / M / Cloud Nine
Posted 1/26/12 , edited 1/26/12
Most brands usually have their own high end headphones. Whatever sounds good I'll use I couldn't really care to much on brand but I do care about the price I currently own a pair of Skullcandy Platinum aviators! Love em.
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30 / M / Troy, Michigan
Posted 3/28/12 , edited 3/28/12
Posted 4/16/12 , edited 4/17/12
Sony is the best brand of those u listed in the poll. Bose, Beats, and Skullcandy(with the exception of the Aviators) are rather poor. Sony's consumer stuff sucks, but their pro and audiophile headphones are good, a couple are among the best headphones ever made, the Sony MDR-R10 and the Sony Qualia 010, although expect to spend around $2500-6000 for pair. As for the best brand of headphones in terms of overall quality on all their producs, that is without a doubt STAX, only problem is that STAXs often run in the thousands of dollars. Another contender for the best brand is Audez'e(only two headphones out so still a young company, but the two they have are among the best ever made). As for more affordable brands AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Denon, Grado, Sennheiser, Shure are all good.
Posted 8/21/12 , edited 8/22/12
Beats and Sony!
Posted 9/2/12 , edited 9/3/12
Posted 9/3/12 , edited 9/3/12
Skullcandy... No really...

Okay... Skullcandy is pretty crappy. They look amazing but damn, up the quality please.

For real I would say Sony?
Posted 9/11/12 , edited 9/11/12
I think my nest pair will probably be Sennheiser, either that or Nixon, because you know, there's nothing like having a brand name that is coincidently the same as your won.
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M / Cocytus
Posted 9/11/12 , edited 9/12/12
Definitely Sennheiser, and for my bass needs SOL Republic
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