In-game curses & taunts.
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I'm mild mannered and won't freely swear in real life. Though that changes when I play Black Ops. Those games will always bring out the inner foul mouth monster in me.

Whenever it's me that pulls a kill I exclaim, 'Bitch, stay down.'

Or a tricky guy, 'Bitch.'

Or, 'You liked that din't you?'

But when I get shot I give them a clap or say good work. So I'm kinda a sport, only when I loose.

So when you become potty-mouthed, what do you say in a game?
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"Your mother is a hamster and our father smells of elderberries."

"As King Arthur said: Don't f**k with a goddamn wizard."

"Great job on killing me, you should be proud...Oh, wait. I forgot, it was actually YOU who died! Ha, sorry, man. Didn't mean to get your hopes up."
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if i'm battling and the oponent cheats (sometimes they do in soul caliber...i'll hit them but there will be no damage to them whatsoever) and i'll just say "what the f*ck!" and then just start yelling "i'll kill you mother f*cker!" or "die you damn asshole!"

or if i somehow die in some other game (like okami or twilight princess) and it'll just be a compltely random death, i'll say "f*cking retard!" lol. as if it's the characters fault i didn't stop before accidentally jumping off the cliff into the abyss.

i'll even get a temper sometimes and just chuck the controller at the tv and yell "f*ck you then!" and then turn the game off
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Please don't note the irony what I'm about to say, but words are cheap. Just be a good spotsman and fight. Taunting and cursing is awfully childish, and the most I've ever done was teabag a camper.

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Only when I rage. I'm normally the one who always says GG after a win or loss, and I never comment when I kill or die apart from "ooh, that was nice" if either I or the person who killed me gets a nice shot or something. But when I'm raging, I'll be calling everyone things along the lines of "motherfucking cheap ass try-harding cunt sucking bitch shitheads" and then shout "FUCKING SHIT". That only occurs on MW2, though.
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I'll just all the expressions I get when playing Dark Souls for the first time

You gotta be [email protected]#$1*&% kidding me! - Mimic/traps/random tumble to death
What the [email protected]! - Weird boss attack
Oh holy crap! - when startled by something
Wow this bitch "insert random words" - When pvping against someone

Shitty noobs - against fog ring users (easy win)

well I guess I don't curse at all >.<
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I usually just mute the other players.
Don't really taunt others in games. Never saw the point in it.
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I love taunting xD
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