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22 / F / with Dan
Posted 10/5/11 , edited 10/5/11
Age: (limit 14 and up,
What do you like to do for fun?
What do you hate?
What is your favorite color?
Are you single?
Will you be loyal?
Tell about yourself/bio?
What kinda anime do you like?
Posted 10/9/11 , edited 10/9/11
Username: Orihara_Kanra
: I'm 21 but you'll find I act younger than that~
What do you like to do for fun
i love to do puzzles, i like a good mystery book. but most of all i like people watching~
What do you hate
I hate anyone who isnt human~
What is your favorite color Grey
Are you single as of currently yes.
Will you be loyal: will you?
Tell about yourself/bio: My name Is Izaya Orihara~ some call me Orihara others call me Izaya and even more others call me Kanra(my online name you see~). I have raven black hair and red-brown eyes. maybe its best to show you a picture?

I'm not the traditional date. But i guess thats just the impression i get. I'm not your average human either. I like to roleplay. i dont like sweet things. and i have a taste for things well done. what else can i say... ah you'll get to know me if your jsut around me for a bit~

What kinda anime do you like? Murduer mystery is good, something with alot of thinking. not much for anime however.

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