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Steve Jobs has passed away at 56
Posted 10/7/11 , edited 10/8/11

Oldthrashbar wrote:

Aero-Mach wrote:

Oldthrashbar wrote:

Kamek20XX wrote:

Oldthrashbar wrote:

I honestly could not give any less shit.

Whoa! Heartless there.....

I did not know him personally, I did not care about him. He is just another person who has helped push forward humanity a bit more. Many more will come.

You made too much of an effort to state a negative opinion, you knew the outcome of what people would say if you said that,

It's just people are no longer people when they can talk on an internet forum.

Too true. I did know what would happen. Maybe I didn't have to state it so negatively or even post at all; but I really really don't have it in me to grieve or even care a little bit, when a famous/influential person dies.

Actually, I will shed a tear when Clint Eastwood dies.

For whatever reason,
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Posted 10/8/11 , edited 10/8/11
Tis' a tragedy! He will be missed...mostly by all the people looking forward to the iPhone5
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