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Is the PS3 Sony's Last Run?
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26 / M / Jersey
Posted 11/18/11 , edited 11/19/11
no they r making a ps4. ........ pretty sure.... look it up..
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45 / M / Sonoita, Az
Posted 12/9/11 , edited 12/10/11
yup should be coming in late 2012 or 2013

I don't think so. PS3 is still selling, same with xbox360. Sony would be shooting themselves in the foot to announce a new system now.

At earliest maybe 2014?
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23 / F / R.I.P
Posted 12/9/11 , edited 12/10/11
Well, that's what researching is for. Go on the homepage of psn, and find out.
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26 / F
Posted 12/15/11 , edited 12/15/11
Sony is not coming out with the PS4, at least not for a while.
They're currently working on VITA, the newest handheld console from Sony. (In stores 2/22/12.)
It's similar to the PSP, however there is no UMD Slot, it's touch screen on both the front and has a touch back, has augmented reality features, and various new things that are going to make this possibly Sony's biggest seller.

Until people see the price.
There will be two drops for the Vita, one with 3G capabilities and one with only WIFI.
Last I read, 3G Vita will be a whopping $299.99 and WIFI will be a slightly nicer price drop of $249.99.
Now, that seems like quite a steep price, but still worth it if you have the money for 3G or are willing to look for WIFI for a cheaper price.
Until you realize you have to buy some form of memory storage for it, which were given price values of $30-$90. So at the least, we're looking at a $280-$330 out of your pocket. That's not SO bad is it? Unless you take in account that Vita can only play for about 3 hours to about 5 at the max. So forget about playing it on road trips, flights, or anywhere you won't be able to charge the battery. Unless, of course, you buy the very expensive external battery that will extend it by another 10 hours. I'm unsure at the present on the price of this but I can only imagine it will not be cheap.
And don't forget about all of the games you love for PSP that you'll have to download and buy off of the library because Vita is not backwards compatible.

There are things I am forgetting that are all sorts of kicks in the teeth with this console, but in all honesty, of course I'll buy it as I've done before. Only when they've lowered the price of course, and included the memory card with it.
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28 / M / Inverness, Scotland
Posted 12/21/11 , edited 12/22/11
I would guess the new Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft consoles will be announced at E32012 and we may see releases 2013. as for Nintendo there next console is probably going to suck, they will probably be using last years tech just like wii did and I'm not interested. wii isn't for serious gaming its just a gimmick. The need to start just making there ips like Zelda for ps3 and 360. I dont like how Microsoft just dropped the xbox when the 360 came out, i know for a fact im not going to buy any of the next gen consoles right away and thats why im glad sony will probably keep releasing ps3 titles even though they have a new console just like they did with ps2, i think they still are releaseing titles for ps2 which i think is pretty cool even though i dont have one.
atm i would rank the consoles:
#1 PS3
#2 Xbox360
#3 Wii (only because im not including the ps2 here)
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32 / M / North Pole, AK
Posted 12/22/11 , edited 12/22/11
Apple most likely wouldn't enter the console market, especially after it failed to do so with their Pippin. For a new player to enter the field these days, it's rather hard and I'd say near impossible unless the newcomer has some kind of innovation that will attract people. It had a $600 pricetag, terrible looking controllers, and little support. The PS3 can still see improvements in game quality as developers make better use of the Cell processor. If anything, the PS3 still has a few years at least in its life before a new Playstation pops up.
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