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Posted 10/7/11 , edited 10/7/11
These are the overall rules, Please follow and respect or you will be banned.

Rule 1): No God modding/Power Modding, I will be trying to prevent this with these rules.

2) Respect your fellow RPer's By limited Cussing, No Racial comments, No Flamming, No Spamming, No Posting Hentai or Porn, No cybering, and No Player Killing.

3) Add a back story for your characters. I Really do not want a whole bunch of characters who are strong for no reason other then they can. Please add a Bio or your character will not be approved.

4) Please pay attention to the Info page, It will start changing more often with activity and change the plot up a bit as well as keep track of the limits on the really strong Digimon exp; There can be as many Agumon as possible but only 2 can be something like VictoryGreymon.
Note: Super Ultimates likes UlforceVeedramon Future Mode are Mod only Digimon and must be consulted with me through a pm.

5) You can have 1Human Character and 3 Digimon partners, This counts as one character overall. Mods get 3, High level tamers get 2, and normal tamers get 1. You can also be a Digimon but if so you do not have a partner. A Digimon without a partner is stronger but can only access 1 or 2 levels exp; Ultimate ---> Mega. Likewise a Digimon with a partner is slightly weaker but can access all 4* levels.
* refers to the 4 main stages, not including baby or in-training.

6) Please respect the Ranks. I really do not wish to see a Tailmon/Gatomon defeat someone like MetalGarurumon, That said I Don't want to see Mega's starting fights for the hell of it unless your Digimon's personality states it. Exp; A WereGarurumon picking on an Agumon is bad but a BlackWereGarurumon is allowed to as long as there is no deletion.

7) DEATH IS PERMANENT; So I do not expect to see a Digiegg unless it's for a purpose approved by a mod Exp; 2 Digimon become a couple and result in a Digiegg, said Digiegg is a plot device, or a Digivolution Digiegg.

8)Digivice type influences how you digivolve so if you choose a Tamer's Digivice I don't want to see digixros's from that person or their Digimon.

9) Have fun please and don't cause problems.

Any Questions can be posted in the Questions section.
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