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Posted 10/7/11 , edited 12/23/11
There are a few different types of Digivices to choose from, The formats will be like this


And Post Which Digivice you want or will have in a format like this

Character name:


Type: Digivice
Series: Adventure
Strengths: Allows for easy Digivolution with no other requirements from in-training to Mega and allow's DNA Digivolution/Jogress, When combined with a crest and tag that have been activated the digivolutions become more powerful then average
Weakness: Has no special abilities other then stated above, Has no guard against Dark Digivolution.

Type: D-3
Series: Adventure 2
Strengths: Allows for normal Digivolution as well as DNA Digivolution, It also allows the user to use Digieggs and Armor Digivolution. It allows for transporting to the digital world at around computers and guards against Dark Digivolution.
Weakness: Easy to hack and manipulate. When combined with satellite dishes and radio towers the black Digivices can send out a strong signal to stop natural digivolution and any digivolution caused by the original Digivices and the D-3's.

Type: D- Power/D- Arc
Series: Tamers
Strengths: Allows for Digivolution and Allows the ability to Biomerge (Matrix Evolve), an Ability that allows a rookie to achieve Mega easily though it can only be used in the digital world and humans who have lost a Digimon in the human world. A Mega achieved this way is much more powerful then an average Mega though Digimon exposed to the miracle of Biomerging have the potential to become just as powerful if not more so when reaching their Mega level. Also allows for human partners to make their Digimon stronger through the use of cards, ranging from giving them other Digimon's moves to strengthening in general, even giving them other abilities. Through this a skilled tamer can make even a rookie strong enough to take down an Ultimate. Can also generate Energy whips for helping and assisting in Digimon deleting or battle, and Scan Enemy Digimon.
Weakness: Digivolution is completely dependent on Cards. Cards are required for the majority of functions. Has No guard against Dark Digivolution and unlike other Digivices Dark Digivolution has the potential to break the Digivice, Losing control of the Digimon forever.

Type: D-Tector/D-Scanner
Series: Frontier
Strengths: Allow for Spirit Evolution, Beast Spirit Evolution, and Fusion Evolution. An upgraded D-Tector can combine more spirits and can use Unified Spirit Evolution but it is unknown how to achive this upgrade. Can use Digimon Scan.
Weakness: Lack of partners which takes away from the number of potential fighters. Only 20 spirits and they're paired so only 10 people may use spirits. Also being the Digimon and the Human means if the Digimon is deleted the human is killed along with them.

Type: Digivice Burst
Series: Data Squad/Savers
Strengths: Allows "D.N.A. Charge" and "D.N.A. Full Charge", A form of Digivolving that can be used at anytime with no risk and to both Champion and Ultimate with no extra Requirements like Cards or life threatening situations. It's also the second of two Digivice to allow every user the ability to Digivolve to the mega Level without outside help from a digital god, the other being the Tamer's Digivice. To achieve the Mega level one must use the "D.N.A. Charge! Overdrive!", It can also store partner Digimon in a certain device on the end. Certain Digimon can even activate the Burst Evolution special ability, which is said to give Digimon Special Abilities.
Weakness: Doesn't have many functions and acts more like an upgraded version of the Original Adventure Digivice, Minus the ability to hack it and make it better thanks to a Hacking guard. Has no guard against Dark Digivolution and cannot Scan enemy Digimon.

Type: X(ros) Loader
Series: Xros Wars/Boy Hunter's through time
Strengths: It is able to store a Digimon's data to allow it to recover its health, or transfer between Zones. It also can store multiple Digimon, Allows the user to perform DigiXros between the Digimon in their army, Can store and use Code Crowns and DigiMemories,
Allow the user to digivolve their partner Digimon from rookie to what is assumed to be the Ultimate Level, and can generate 3D maps of the Digital World. It can also scan Enemy Digimon and give info.
Weakness: Thus far the only weakness is that if one gets corrupted then any human and Digimon would be able to use it and be able to use ForceXros, an ability to Digixros with any digimon, Including the enemy if the Digimon with the Darkness loader is strong enough.
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