Until, I Met You...
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27 / Australia.
Posted 10/8/11 , edited 10/8/11
Until, I Met You…

I saw you through the cloudy window panes, as I walk past…
There’s a tinge of sadness in your eyes, and empty smile lingers on your parched lips.
“Who are you..?” I thought.

I am not a mind reader… but, for some reason;
I couldn’t stop thinking about you…
“Who are you..?”

Like everyone else, I’m nothing more than a passer’s by.
A stranger without a purpose… and yet, you caught my eyes.
“Who are you..?”

Either the crowded footpath along the traffic congested street; or, the serene path:
Laced with hedges; sprinkled with colorful flowers and low lying trees.
Managed to distract me—from those enigmatic images of yours in my head…
“Who are you..?”

I was still walking aimlessly, when the clouds gathered together,
And obscured the sun from shining through, but even then,
My mind keeps on wondering…
“Who are you..?”

When an intermittent drizzle of fine misty rain—
Finally, succumbed to a heavy down pour and sudden gust of wind…
Drench to the bones and quivering, after the rain receded on its own.
I kept on wondering… “Who are you..?”

I stepping out, from under the shade; and welcoming the rays of sunshine on my face,
As it slowly,—spread warmth upon the rest of my quivering drench body.
For a moment there, even my mind felt a little bit of stillness… peace…
Until, I remembered that image… and haunted my thoughts once again.

While treading the puddle of rain-water from under my feet,
I accidentally looked down into it—the glistening mirror of truth, from heaven…
Only to see that haunting image;—looking back at me.
It was then; when I finally realized how far I have fallen…

Until, I met you… “My Love”

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27 / Australia.
Posted 10/8/11 , edited 10/8/11
Author’s note:

Just in case; any of you were wondering, why on Earth the title was, “Until, I met you…”

When it should have been “Who are you..?” *smiles…*

Simple, my friend; this composition is written to illustrate the significance of positive change… after, living a meaningless life day-in and day-out... Until, he can no longer recognizes himself. And, the quickening realization and acceptance of one’s current miserable condition that he had fallen into without realizing it.

This is one dedicated to those, who found themselves... a new beginning, and more than that... a new inspiration. *smiles*
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