[2012~KDrama] A Wife's Credentials
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Posted 10/8/11 , edited 3/11/12

* Title: 아내의 자격 / A Wife’s Credentials
* Chinese Title: 妻子的資格
* Genre: Melodrama
* Episodes: 16
* Broadcast network: jTBC
* Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-29 to 2012-Apr-19
* Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 20:45

A housewife is in a state of ambivalence about her children's education and the craze towards private education. The housewife then falls in love with a neighbor who works as a dentist.

Seo-Rae (Kim Hee-Ae) is married to Sang-Jin (Jang Hyun-Sung), a reporter at a broadcasting company. They have a son named Gyeol who is in the 5th grade of elementary school. Since her son was born, Seo-Rae has focused on helping her son recover from atopy and asthma. She also focuses on her son developing a good character, rather than having constant schooling & tutoring.

One day, Seo-Rae and her family go to her parent-in-law's home to celebrate her niece's admission into the prestigious Chungsim International Middle School. There, her husband and in-laws pushes Seo-Rae to focus more on accelerating her son's schooling. Her husband wants to move to another neighbor famous for its private eduction schools. Seo-Rae is against the move, but relents.

On her first day in the new neighborhood, Seo-Rae spots someone stealing her bicycle, which is parked right outside of a cafe. While she is running after the thief, Tae-Oh (Lee Sung-Jae), who is riding his bicycle, spots the fleeing thief and goes in pursuit. Tae-Oh brings back the bicycle to Seo-Rae and she thanks him.

To prepare her son for entrance into the prestigious Chungsim International Middle School, her son must first take a test to enter a prestigious private educational institute. The results of his test though come out bad. Her son scored lowest among all the applicants.

Seo-Rae tries to meet Ji-Sun (Lee Tae-Ran), the director of the private institute. Ji-Sun is a hard woman to meet, but Seo-Rae finally succeeds. Seo-Rae persuades Ji-Sun to tutor her son.

Meanwhile, Seo-Rae takes her son to see a dentist due to a toothache. At the dentist office, Seo-Rae is surprised to discover that the dentist is Tae-Oh, the man who recovered her stolen bicycle.


Main Cast
Kim Hee Ae as Yoon Seo Rae
Lee Sung Jae as Kim Tae Oh
Jang Hyun Sung as Han Sang Jin
Lee Tae Ran as Hong Ji Sun

Supporting Cast
Im Je No as Han Gyeol
Lee Jung Gil as Han Yong Hee
Nam Yoon Jung as Jin Soo Ae
Choi Eun Kyung as Han Myung Jin
Park Hyuk Kwon as Jo Hyun Tae
Lee Han Na as Jo Yoon Jae
Kim Sung Kyung as Jo Yoon Min
Nam Neung Mi as Oh Jung Ae
Jang So Yeon as Yoon Mi Rae
Choi Da In as Kim Bo Reum (Yoon Seo Rae’s Daughter)
Im Sung Min as Kang Eun Joo
Son Sung Joon as Jo Jae Hoon
Jung Han Yong as Hyun Tae’s father
Kil Hae Yeon as Ha Sum Jin
Yoog Mi Ra as Sung In Ok
Hong Sung Sook as Min Hae Kyung


Posted 10/8/11 , edited 12/17/11
What? No Park Yong-woo? Grrrr.....
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38 / F / sabah
Posted 12/16/11 , edited 12/17/11
^^ very disappointing right? when i updated this info while ago..i think you will surprised when you saw it..

I hope so he will be acting in this drama .. its been a while since his last drama jejongwon (which is he very excellent there..unfortunately he so underrated) ..

hopefully he will come out with another new drama next year
Posted 12/17/11 , edited 12/17/11
Yeah. I hope so.
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Posted 3/17/12 , edited 3/17/12
sounds like another good drama
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