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Posted 10/8/11 , edited 10/8/11
This episode was very funny. Ganju is in his store, wondering where Hana went. He then runs into a random magazine, and gets excited by a “certain” picture inside of it. His manager sees this, and suddenly begins to get sad when he learns Ganju’s true tastes. Afterwards, he runs away crying. Just what have the two of them been doing. ^^;

Oh… wait… that wasn’t the episode? It was just the Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book? Ah.

In any case, Renji’s able to beat Mister Four-Eyes but gets buried under rubble afterwards when the entire cave collaps. Strawberry is the only one remaining as he heads for Mr Smarty Pants. Gorilla dude meanwhile summons a gate towards another dimension while Mr Smarty Pants and Strawberry have a little fight. Of course, Mr Smarty Pants totally pwns Strawberry, as the latter has yet to go into bankai-mode. Ishida, meanwhile, gets his powers back. Woohoo. I am so looking forward to the next episode. *coughcough*

I realized that the more Bleach draws to the end of the Bounto-arc, the more boring the episodes get. Though I never realized that they’d be this boring. Just let those Bounto hurry and kill the 12th squad captain in order to get their revenge done.

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Bleach - 89 - …
Filed under: Series which were Dropped/Bleach

Dear god. Someone please tell Strawberry to bring a flashligh. Ugh. It’s extremely annoying to see that the creators gave the bounto all kinds of weaknesses, without them being used at all. Also, no matter how many times I look at the OP, its lyrics remain the most cheesy ones ever.

In any case, this is one of the episodes which can be summarized in one word, and one word only. I’ll gladly make use of this:


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JULY 12, 2006
Bleach - 88 - Behold, The Wisdom of Vice-Captains
Filed under: Series which were Dropped/Bleach

This episode can basically be summarized in one word: boring. What happens is that the four shinigami have found the Bounto-base, so the four of them head in to infiltrate. And of course, all of them have had an extensive Shinigami-education, so they do exactly know what to do in a situation like this: Just storm the damned thing, split up and wander around aimlessly. Of course. So, what was the school for shinigami’s purpose again? Ah, yes. It’s like a school for body-builders. That explains everything.

In any case, it’s not surprising that the shinigami go down immediately. Strawberry and the others meanwhile also head for the bounto-base. Everyone’s recovered, except for the unknown brat that Renji rescued. It seems that his soul has already weakened too much, and he needs to rely on his will to live in order to be able to survive. I’m interested to see whether such an unknown brat can make it or not. Apart from that, we had a touching scene in which Ririn broke down in front of Strawberry. But apart from that, this episode was just boring.

Still, in the preview for the next episode, Kon gave some very fitting descriptions for each of the bounto. I think I’ll be using them from now on: Gorilla Dude, Scary Old Lady, Freaky Guy, Fishin’ Gramps, Mister Four-Eyes and Mr Smarty Pants. All that’s left is the Shinigami. Any suggestions?

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JULY 6, 2006
Bleach - 87 - Yawn
Filed under: Series which were Dropped/Bleach

This week finishes where last week left off. As episode 86 was surprisingly interesting, you’d think that this episode would be enjoyable as well. Well, no. This episode was just boring.

Why? First of all: no Ururu. Why does she need to be a damsel in distress? She’s too awesome for such a thing!

Second of all: in episode 86, Sado struggled with his reasons to fight. No clue of this appeared in this episode.

Third of all: the art. During its climax, episode 86 featured some brilliant art. The old guy really looked freaky in this. No clue of this in episode 87.

Though the major factor remains that episode 86 had so many things happening at once. The pacing was incredible. Episode 87 just featured a plan which got carried out and worked with the help of some conveniently unexplained powers. Exciting.

I also had the urge to smash my screen when the guy just retreated like every other villain. I mean, what exactly was the point of this fight!?

In any case, what follows is a mysterious invisible intruder who has the guts of invading the soul society. You wonder how he got in in the first place. The 12th squad captain also discovers the “big secret” of the bounto, and he realizes why they needed a quincy, as he’s the only one who can gather and materialize spirit particles.

The only worthwile moment of this episode was Ishida. He loves to do at least something, but as he lost his powers, this doesn’t quite turn out well.

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JUNE 23, 2006
Bleach - 86 - Strategy? Bleach? Yes, it is possible!
Filed under: Series which were Dropped/Bleach

Well, this is more like it! Bleach finally uses some strategy, and on top of that, it’s got the perfect set-up for characters: Chad, Nova, Matsumoto and even Ururu versus the old man. The beauty of things is that each of them isn’t a walking steam-engine (both in terms of raw power as intelligence), so each party has to use some kind of plan in order to win. The combination with some very effective comedy made this a worthwile episode.

First of all, the old man has the most creative doll I’ve seen yet. Come to think of it, it’s the first doll that didn’t annoy the hell out of me. Anyway, his doll is a small whale, which can travel through dimensions and which can create another dimension inside his stomach. Nova’s power matches so well with this.

Second of all: Ururu. Probably the strongest member of the Bleach-cast. And thank god the creators show this in a very creative way. ^^; It’s just awesome to see a little girl fighting like that. I kept waiting for a chance to see her really in action. Even though she didn’t last long, it was awesome.

Third of all: Matsumoto. I especially loved it when Chad was underestimating her a bit. She really showed him that she deserves her place as a vice-chief. ^^ Her overall joking mood really brightened up the episode.

Fourth of all: Nova. He was so cute when Matsumoto thanked him and he got embarrassed. ^^; He also really had the chance to show the other what he’s worth, as, in comparison to the other modified souls, there were no “important” characters which needed all the attention and screentime they could get (*coughInouecoughIchigocouch*). The result was awesome.

Fifth of all: Chad. I really like his backstory. It’s too bad that he hasn’t gotten too much development lately. Thank goodness this episode changed this a bit. I like the way that he wants to protect, and finally he has some more flashbacks of his past. Finally he gets his own struggles again. Ururu and the others really helped him in this.

Another thing that I loved is that at the climax of the episode, the animators suddenly decided to go very creative creative. I really mean it when I say that the climax was incredibly animated. It was great to see such messy art, especially the old man looked really freaky in this, I couldn’t help but love it.

Overall, Bleach needs to have more episodes like this, in which characters actually think, instead of just fire a bunch of spirit power at each other. It had a great bland of comedy and action, although I’m not too sure about the way the episode ended. Somehow, I’m again fearing for the next episode.

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JUNE 14, 2006
Blegh! - 84/85
Filed under: Series which were Dropped/Bleach

Oh… the pain. The horrible pain! When I thought that Bleach couldn’t get any worse, here it comes and waltzes the viewer down with a whole hour of garbage. And when I say garbage, I mean PURE garbage. I can’t believe how incredibly cheesy this episode had become. If I had a spoon nearby, I’d gouche my eyes out.

Ichigo’s fight was okay, I guess. He didn’t do anything, no flashy powers were shown, nothing special at all. It was decent, except for the fact that the bad guy managed to get away, leaving total progress at zero again. How long to those guys plan to continue this horror.

No, the horrible thing was Inoue. I remember that I hoped for the combination of her, Rukia and Cloud to think up one fantastic strategy to beat that woman. I think I like that woman the most, from all possible bounto’s. She’s the only one who has mastered her doll, it seems. And yes, the woman was pretty entertaining. Even though it’s a talking sword, the fact that the two of them argue with each other has pretty awesome effects.

Then, the horror struck, when the woman leaves, and a bounto whose doll can take over persons appears. THIRTY WHOLE MINUTES are spent for Inoue trying to save Rukia who has been taken over. And what about strategy? Well, that could have saved the day. Until you realize that Inoue has the intelligence of a sheep, chasing its own tail. I mean… ugh. >.<

In any case, the way this was resolved was just horrible. There are countless Deus ex Machina which could even make Star Ocean Ex jealous. Cloud could have saved the day, but he just doesn’t do anything at all. The bad guy easily lets the good guys have a conversation before he attacks, and Inoue finally saves the day by collecting all of her inner power which seems to be strong enough to defeat Rukia. Then, to make things worse, the bad guy doesn’t die, he escapes. So, what was the total plot progress of this episode again? I think we need to explain the meaning of those words to the creators before we can answer this.

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JUNE 8, 2006
Bleach - 83 - Well, this is a surprise
Filed under: Series which were Dropped/Bleach

You can say a lot of horrible things about this anime (with which I totally agree, by the way), but you have to admit: this episode really was unique for Bleach standards. The creators decided to let one episode focus around the history of Claude (the big guy who plays with large marbles), and they managed to choose a great setting: a poor, 18th-century farming village. And for once, they just take their time in telling the story. Almost no action at all. Just two bounto living together, and having their own problems. Okay, the animation looked horrible, but this is such a huge improvement. I also just loved the generic design of the young man who was introduced this episode. He was nothing special, he just looked like the son of a farmer who has just reached adulthood.

But then, of course, the ending of the episode completely ruins the good mood when the flashback ends, Ichigo’s about to die and the vice-chief of the 3rd squad arrives just in time to save the day while making the same mistake Naruto did while in his utmost beginner-days. (Ambushes? Who needs ambushes? Ambushes are for sissies!) Not only that, the creators also throw away every chance they could possibly have at a strategic battle, as it’ll be certain that the bounto-woman will drive Inoue and Rukia in a corner, only to be taken out by one of the other three shinigami who were sent to the human world as well. Next week will feature another 1-hour special, and it’s just a hunch, but at the end of that episode I’ll probably be gouching my own eyes out with a spoon. I’m going to pray for the bishie-shinigami (forgot his name) to save the day. And my eyes.

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JUNE 7, 2006
Bleach - 82 - The Garbage Continues
Filed under: Series which were Dropped/Bleach

The episode starts out with a very funny scene, in which Ururu and Jinta bring the newly improved Bounto-sensor. As it was made in a lot of haste, it works far from perfectly, looks totally ridiculous and has the cheesiest password ever. I loved it when Ichigo found out about this, and was forced to say the line. I loved Rukia’s reaction to this even better. Afterwards, we see Jinta in a very embarassing situation when Ururu finds out that he cares about Renji.

In any case, this episode really needed this small moment of comedy, as the rest of the episode was utter garbage again. It mostly focuses on Ichigo’s fight vs the marble-guy. Yawn. The creators put one of Ichigo’s friends from school, who’s dying and will probably not be able to be rescued, as a little twist in order to try and create some emotion. You’d think this will be a good move, until you realize that Bleach is too scared to kill of its characters, and Ichigo has the cheesiest reaction to this. Imagine the following: you see your friend lying in front of you, with the bad guy approaching. What would you do? Right, flee from the bad guy, trying to bring your friend to safety. What does Ichigo do? Right, he fights the bad guy. Not only that, but when he finds out that this doesn’t work, and to make things even better, after a couple of attempts, his mind finally realizes that his friend is dying, and only then he tries to bring this friend to safety (of course, too much beaten up in order to be saved). The creators also use two of the cheesiest Deus ex Machina ever, combined with each other: Ichigo’s about to lose, but his love for hir friend gives him huge power. Later, Ichigo’s about to lose yet again, but his hollow-side takes over and defeats the enemy. For fifteen seconds. I was ready to gouche my eyes out at that moment. Still, I’m surprised the creators even dared to use the hollow at this point. I have to say, that Ichigo looked pretty scary. But the fact that the creators had the guts to use him as such an evil plot device was just utterly abysmal.

I’m curious about Inoue and Rukia. The both of them and the modified soul don’t have any superpowers at all, and they’re up agianst the Bounto-woman. If they don’t get any outside help (like a certain red-haired guy suddenly waking up and playing for hero again), this could be a very interesting fight, which will involve some strategy. At least, I hope so. The enemy isn’t exactly what you’d call totally exciting when she wields a talking sword. -_-

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MAY 25, 2006
Bleach - 81 - The Absolute Horror!
Filed under: Series which were Dropped/Bleach

After last week, the series focuses on the main story of the fillers again. Jin reveals why he did everything. The mosquitos can suck up a living human’s soul, purify it and somehow make the same amount of spirit power ten times more powerful. Now that I’m typing this, I’m realizing something. Human souls are naturally impure? Then what do the mosquitos do in order to purify it? Well, because they’re damn handy plot devices and give Jin a nice and easy way to be evil so that the creators wouldn’t have to use their brains in order to find a good motive for him.

Then, something seemingly worthwile happens, though Bleach managed to screw it over in such a way that it becomes horrible again: one of the Bounto is having his doubts, and stands up to Jin. He mentions the case of the old man, who became so old because he used to absorb a lot of human souls in the past. (Actually, why isn’t this guy stronger than Jin?) Of course, Jin quickly changes this guy’s mind by feeding him the liquid from the mosquitos, turning him hungry for power again. Not only did the creators waste a valuable chance for a good plot, they also signed their own funeral. I mean, every ape can tell now that Jin will become more and more obsessed with power, until he takes too much and explodes, or something like that. I can’t bear the thought of having to witness these scenes for another ten episodes.

Still, two worthwile things happened at this episode. The first, and most important one, is the conversation between Nova and Sado. Pure brilliance. The second thing is Ishida, the only one who managed to turn the filler-plot up a bit. He’s love-sick, of course, and he, again, goes out. This should at least provide some worthwile scenes, should it?

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