Fan Service from Hakuouki season 2
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Posted 10/9/11 , edited 10/10/11

After the daring rescue, Chizuru and Hijikata huddled together to keep each other warm until dawn...

“Did you have a good sleep?”I softly asked, Chizuru nodded and smiled shyly at me.

Now, where were we..? **Oh, I remember... *teasingly smiles*

*Slither my hand downwards...inside your clothes; while my other hand unties your kimono, afterwards, I untied mine.* Time stood still quietly; except for the beating of our hearts; going faster and faster... Chizuru chan, I whispered softly, now that there's nothing in-between us let's have breakfast in heaven.

*Tenderly feeling my way around your soft moist skin... once more, gently, very gently... I slide down and licks the area around your soft melons before pressing my slightly open lips on top of the blueberry bit that adorn it... fully enclosed by my soft crimson lips, I let my warm moist tongue tickle your blueberry bit... teasing it, until your back slightly arches towards me, with your eyes barely open... I gently open my lips a little wider and $ucked your blueberry bit along with the deep pinkish circle around it, passionately... until your entire body arches pleasurably. **Ooh, you are so beautiful.., as I slide my hand a bit more below your belly button, as your legs gives away... it's secret. I have to roll you over very gently; with your eyes close and your lips grasping for breath, I can feel your heart racing; your sweaty skin were slippery, but, not slippery enough to compare with what my finger tips discovered... in between your legs. **Uaahhh, the moaning sound you utter when, finally… I slipped my middle finger inside.*

At this point, I reached up to your ear and whispered softly... Do you want me keep going... Darling?

My heart nearly jumped out of my chest, when you nodded your head shyly.

You looked so beautiful... Chizuru.

*As we kissed passionately, with our heart beat racing, all I could think of—was you, “to satisfy you; and, to hear you scream pleasurably.”

Rubbing my bare excited fore$kin against your slippery black velvet, you arched your body once more... ~Aaaah, your moaning drove me mad! Without any further hesitation, I tuck my legs in between yours. As, I secured my hands on your hips, and raised your lovely rear-end comfortably on my thigh... I took one good look at your angelic face as it glows. And breathe deeply, as I slowly push my way into your heaven's gate... slowly, very slowly... trying not hurt your delicate, and yet very slippery tight portal... I kept pushing, and pushing a bit more, until there's nothing left to push inside of you. The soft and moist interior of your secret passage keep my temperature rising, my entire body is now drenched in sweat, and I'm almost at the edge of my sanity. **Oh, Chizuru! I yelled, out of sheer pleasure.

I reached for your upper body and cuddle those lovely melons, along with the fully flushed cheeks of yours. And then, breathe deeper and exhales slowly, while pulling out the stiffness, which is now at it’s full length of 6 inches and a-half from inside your tight portal. However, before I fully take it out, you grabbed my wrist... And rub my hand that was securing your hips. "I'm alright" you said, "keep going..."

Your reassuring smile, and the soft spoken request—you’ve just uttered, blew any hesitation that was left within my heart.

So, I thrust my way inside of you; over and over again... feeling every move that you make from within, while our entwined sweaty physique trembles out of excitement... I kept on going...thrusting my stiffed muscle in and out of you, as if my life depended on it.

Your moaning gets louder, and our breathing gets heavier, until... the pressure that was building up inside, erupted altogether! Uaaahh!!

All of the sudden it feel, as if, heaven descended...

With our hearts, body, and soul entwined, we experience the same ecstasy brought about by pain and pleasure... And while we held each other tight, we rest... together.

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27 / Australia.
Posted 10/9/11 , edited 10/9/11
Author's note:

You won't be able to find these delicate scenes anywhere in the anime (even in the original)... probably because I wrote them myself. My Haloween treat for everyone... please, enjoy! *smiles...*
Posted 1/21/12 , edited 1/21/12
Very nice. I like how you can use gentle words to describe the physical pleasures & activity instead of harsher, more direct ones.
Posted 5/4/12 , edited 5/4/12
That was so beautifully written...
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