Posted 10/10/11 , edited 10/12/11
Okay so these rules will help people understand how to post things, how to talk to the people, and how to behave well!


1. No Bad language and No Hurting- Don't say any bad, mean or cursing words to each and every person in this group. Have respect to everyone. If you are angry and mad at someone, settle the situation but do not say anything for what happened in this group send a PM or send GB posts and tell the mod for what happened. If you want to thank the mods for the request that they did, say thank you nicely and be polite and if you don't you will be banned and/or removed from the group.

2. Use the graphics which we the mods, creator or co-creator make- Since the mods take a lot of time to make all the graphics look nice and better as possible for your request which you make, you should use it at least for a couple of days or just for 1 week. It shows the respect towards the work and effort of the moderator who made your graphics.

3. Don't Rush- Do not the rush the mods in making your request because it takes them time. Because they are busy with school, or they have family problems, or they are busy with other groups which they are moderators in.

4. Finish any requests in Maximum 1 week- We all know that you are busy with school, or having problems, or you are busy with other groups, but try to make at least one request/week. If you took a request, but you can't make it for the person who requested anymore, notice us and someone else will take on the request.

5. UPLOAD ALL THE AVIIS/BANNERS/PROFILES/ETC THAT YOU FINISH IN THE PHOTO ALBUM- After you have all the requests, please upload all them in the photo album and upload them after you have taken a request. After you have done making a graphic make sure to put a copyright on the graphics you made for the person.

6. LET US KNOW IF YOU CAN'T BE ACTIVE ANYMORE- If you are busy with school, work or you're on vacation, let us know and notice us so that we don't count on you. If not we will remove you from your position as a GFX Moderator or Forum Moderator( You can apply again for any position and prove that you are going to be active).

Please try to follow and obey these rules. The forum mods will check and overlook your activity in the group and notice the creator, co-creator, or the mod if you break the rules all the time and repeatedly. If the creator, co-creator or moderator are noticed that you always break these rules, Then the moderators will ban you from the group temporarily ( from 1 week till 1 month) or forever which means permanently.

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