Post Reply which one is the cutest with miku
Posted 10/12/11 , edited 10/12/11
choose this cause i want akito and sorry for the break-kun x kaito thing i was going to put it for my profile
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Posted 10/15/11 , edited 10/15/11
suddenly i choose kaito i found out tht miku and len are crushing but kaito and miku are a official couple(plus i loooovvveee len sorry bud lets give kaito a chance)
Posted 10/17/11 , edited 10/17/11
lol love kaito x miku :DDD to but i had to vote len cause he was too cute ! with miku in the rain xD
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Posted 11/6/11 , edited 11/6/11
I vote for Mikuo x Miku, I think they look cutest together~ ^^
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