~Interesting Relationships Between DBSK/TVXQ & Super Junior!~

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Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/18/08
1. Kim Heechul and U-Know Yunho

When Cinderella Kim Heechul entered SM Entertainment, he was arranged to live in the same hostel room with U-Know Yunho from TVXQ!. These boys, who were still very young, soon became very close with each other. At that time, Heechul had very short hair, his skin was tanned, and he looked very experienced and capable. In fact, the clothes which he wore were not bright, emphasizing on dimmer colors. Imagining Heechul acting like is indeed beyond our capability “ the image is absolutely opposite to people perception of him. Nowadays, Heechul is as pretty as a princess and he is famous for having an addiction to dress strangely. The truth is that Heechul should thank U-Know Yunho. During the SM Training days, U-Know Yunho was not that tall “ around the same height as Heechul. U-Know Yunho has always been very simple person and he thinks that there should never be any misgivings between men. Hence, he naturally began to wear Heechul's clothes. Despite countless warning given by Heechul, there was still no progress and thus, Heechul began to buy more colorful, attractive clothing whenever he shopped. Gradually, U-Know Yunho stopped to wear Heechul's clothes. Nevertheless, there was another factor “ U-Know Yunho was growing taller and he could not fit into Heechul's clothes. Thanks to this incident, Heechul has found his true-clothing style.

2. Eeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Xiah Junsu

Back then, Super Junior leader, Eeteuk, powerful dancer, Eunhyuk and TVXQ! member, Xiah Junsu, lived close to each other and so, every time after practice, they would go home together. Eunhyuk and Xiah Junsu are very open and straight forward people. They would often blackmail the eldest and Eeteuk, being the patient and kind brother, would always try his best to satisfy these two younger brothers. In fact, if there was a request, Eeteuk would definitely fulfill it! Whatever the younger brothers wanted to eat, he would agree to it; whatever they wanted to play, he would pay the bills “ As an older brother, his job is to take care for the younger brothers. Finally, there was one time when Eunhyuk and Xiah Junsu played so much to the extent where Eeteuk had no money to pay for the subway tickets. These three mischievous boys immediately thought of an idea. They bought two tickets and using the convenience of their small, skinny body, they managed to escape ticket inspection. Nowadays, where they no longer have the opportunity to ride on public transports, this is a very unforgettable memory to them.

3. Super Junior shows support for TVXQ!

On Boxing Day 2003, it was the day when TVXQ! performed for the first time on a TV station. After many years of training, the TVXQ! members could finally debut smoothly “ and every single one of them was extremely nervous and excited. Not only did they share their happiness with each other, but the Super Junior boys were also involved. On the 26th of December, the people sitting in front of the TV in the TVXQ! hostel were not TVXQ! but instead, they were the Super Junior members Heechul, Eunhyuk, Donghae and etc. Before TVXQ! appeared on stage, the boys called everybody they knew including their friends and relatives to watch and enjoy TVXQ's first performance. Although TVXQ! now handles such situations with maturity and talents; however, at that point in time, they were clenching with anxiety. Xiah Junsu even accidentally slipped on man-made snow flakes.

4. TVXQ! members, in return, shows support for Super Junior

Super Junior members also shared the happiness with TVFXQ! members when they performed for the first time. On the 6th of November 2005, through the internet, the TVXQ! members watched intensely for the final moment in Japan. U-Know Yunho who is very close with the Super Junior members, was so touched that he even cried on the spot. After Xiah Junsu finished watching the performance, he deliberately called the Super Junior members to congratulate them on their debut. Eeteuk, the leader who has cried many times in the past, could not refrain himself from crying after hearing his younger brothers had called from Japan. Thinking about that day, Eeteuk feels it was very comforting and touching. As for the other 11 members, they felt extremely overwhelmed by their first performance. On that day, since they did not eat earlier, every one of them had to perform with empty stomachs. When they cried and had a group hug, sounds of hunger from their stomachs could well be heard.

5. Max Changmin and Super Junior

TVXQ! and Super Junior members are very close and they understand each other quite well. So, let's hear about TVXQ! from the Super Junior members! Well, Choikang Changmin is not only the youngest in TVXQ!, all the other 12 Super Junior members are also his older brothers. On the outer appearance, Choikang Changmin looks cute and obedient he always has an innocent and clueless facial expression. However, the truth is that he is active to the max, and loves to play tricks and jokes on other people. Especially when he picks up the phone, no matter which older brother calls him, Choikang Changmin will always use an extremely happy tone in an extremely loud voice to scream: Hyung! Is that you!? Even if the members just left a few moments ago or they just borrowed some cash from him, Choikang Changmin will still greet in a manner as though he has not seen his older brother for a long time.

6. Max Changmin is Self Obsession

Before he debuted, every time when Choikang Changmin looks in the mirror, he would ask, Hyung ah, what should I do? I look so similar to Kangta hyung. This reason he says that is because in Choikang Changmin's heart, Kangta is a pretty boy and is his most respectable idol! Every time Youngwoong Jaejoong hears this, he would become so annoyed close to explosion. However, Choikang Changmin is his younger brother so he can only scratch himself in frustration. Recently, people around Choikang Changmin has begun to say that he looks like Wonbin and so gradually! Choikang Changmin begins to realize this, too, and hence, when he looks into the mirror, he no longer says that he looks like Kangta hyung. Of course, this character has changed to Wonbin now.
(Side Note: This is true! If you watch 060627 Mnet Wide News-SMTown '06 Summer Album [available in SJ*FULL HOUSE “ Rock This House “ Page. 2], Shiwon actually accidentally called Changmin - (Wonbin)

7. Youngwoong Jaejoong

After they have debuted, none of them have the opportunity to commute on public transports and so, they truly yearn for the freedom in public. Due to this feeling, on a public holiday, Youngwoong Jaejoong wore his performance clothing and secretly went to take the subway after practice on his own. The most miraculous thing happened “ there was not a single person who recognized him as TVXQ! member, Youngwoong Jaejoong. Although it was a very comfortable and fun experience, Youngwoong Jaejoong could not stop wandering about the event “ No matter what, I am still a celebrity, right? ".

8. Xiah Junsu and Kim Heechul

Xiah Junsu is well-known for his beautiful husky voice, and he has received many compliments from elderly ones and his peers. However, Xiah Junsu actually does not like to go to KTV to sing songs “ from young till now, he has gone there for less than 10 times. In fact, once he has free time, Xiah Junsu would either play computer games / the internet or he would invite some friends over to play soccer. As he loves soccer so much, Kim Heechul from Super Junior even commented that, The soccer ball is his wife!

9. Xiah Junsu and Lee Hyukjae [Eunhyuk]

TVFXQ! and Super Junior members had a poll to vote for the stingiest member, and Xiah Junsu was the winner. Hyukjae who has been around Xiah Junsu ever since their childhood, has the most power to comment. They have already know each other for 8 years and so their relationship is not the typical intimacy. Nevertheless, Xiah Junsu has never bought Hyukjae a meal before. At the same time, Hyukjae confessed that he is the same as Xiah Junsu. Xiah Junsu even further defended his stand, saying In the ~not-too-distance-future~, I will pay for the meal, everybody can eat to the max!

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