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Posted 11/5/11 , edited 11/5/11
The silent sputter of their bikes sounded as they entered the abandoned city. Such a sad place really. A city filled with this much wonder was a waste. Kyrie signaled with a nod to the right and stepped on the gas pedal to drift. Ace followed after and caught up soon enough.

They stopped and parked in front of an abandoned hotel. It was covered in vines of ivy. Such things happen when some places become empty. Nature was trying to take back what was rightfully theirs. Plants were sprouting everywhere. Ace lifted up the face shield to sniffed the air and smiled. He liked the wild. Meanwhile, Kyrie took off her helmet and shook her head to fix her hair. These things could really mess up your hair.

She began to walk up towards the hotel. Ace quickly followed afterwards. He didn't want to lose her.

"You idiot. Take off your helmet first. I don't want you to get hurt running with that big thing on your head!"

She yelled at him. Ace stopped for a minutes; flustered by her sudden yelling. Then he took off his helmet. She stopped and walked back to him. Even though he acted tough, he was still like a child. She chuckled and then squeezed his cheeks.

"Good boy. Now let's explore, shall we?"

Ace nodded in response. As much as she hated to admit it, she didn't want to let go of him. Ace was her only family here. There was no way she was going to let him go off on his own in this abandoned city. She shook her and continued up the stairs. Her father had asked her to find something here for him and then report yo him later. He told her that he needed to stay in Europe as a public figure.

'Maybe...Just maybe I can get my place back home if I do this correctly. I can't upset father. He'll get even.

Little did she know that she had a father complex like the rest of her family. He made it clear that he was the head of the household. However, he didn't believe in corporal punishment. He would just give them the cold shoulder, which was a better device for punishment because it affected them mentally.

Her lost in thought almost made her fall, but Ace stopped her before she continued any further. There was a small gap between the stairs that she could've fallen into.

"Be careful, unnie!"

He yelled. He didn't want her to die. She was the only he could rely on here. No one else would do. Not even their father. As sad it may sound, he never saw his father before and he didn't want to. He was even kind of glad. He noticed how his father ruled over their family like a tyrant. He would save his sister from his grasp.
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Posted 11/6/11 , edited 11/7/11
Mika yawned , " Time to sleep. " Mika whispered to herself . Mika lie down on the floor and slept .
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With Le~ S-Club
Posted 11/12/11 , edited 11/13/11

colleteregal wrote:

Mika yawned , " Time to sleep. " Mika whispered to herself . Mika lie down on the floor and slept .

She walked up to her and squatted as a chibish face appeared on her (=w=). "kawaii..." she started daydreaming
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Posted 11/18/11 , edited 11/18/11
Ai walked around the city, looking at some of the un-occupied buildings. She hoped to find at least one store that sold food. She finally found one, went in and bought all she needed.
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