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Posted 10/15/11 , edited 2/8/12


Let me introduce Sato-sama...
• She was a pokemon lover
• Officially married to Roxas
• My master (obviously)
• Love Winnie tha Pooh over me *sobsob*
• Like to argue with me almost... EVERYTHING!!
• Have common interest: Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Ventus(nuooooo!!!), Being Retarded and whatnot
• Is a super heroin that fight crimes?
• Still watching Phineas and Ferb
• Play choo-choo train *joining along*
• Hates boring people

True fact bout me and my master:
I was a person never that retarded when Master and I first met. I was like a SUPAH-NOOB at being retarded while she has le skill at being a moron*coughcough*. Master only influenced me with her awesomeness. But then, i was lucky enough to survive it too. LOLOL.

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