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Posted 10/15/11 , edited 10/15/11
If possible have the Facebook "Like" button show the comment option like the Google+ button does or at least have the "Add Comment" link stay visible after you *like* it so you can add a comment any time. Not that it makes a difference but if you leave the page you are not able to use the button to post a comment unless you unlike and like it again and then if you happen to roll off of the "Add Comment" button before clicking it you must unlike and like again in order to get the post comment option again.

Also the Facebook comment box appears to be behind any headers, see the images below, perhaps have the Facebook dialog appear above the headers.

On Forums:

On Home Pages for shows:

Just suggestions, not really necessary but would make it easier and more... "visually friendly?" for those of us who occasionally like to post to Facebook, there are ways around it but it would be more convenient to just click the button here on CR.

Thank you!
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