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Does crunchyroll have the largest legal online selection
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Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/20/11

TheAncientOne wrote

animbella3 wrote:

I love cr, but the answer is a resounding NO! there r literally hundreds of LEGAL streaming sites that r free, but they dont have the sense of community that we have at cr!

Apparently you have a mistaken impression of what a legal site is. A legal site is one which obtains permission from the rights holder and pays money to that rights holder in return. I doubt anyone could name even two dozen legal streaming sites.

Signs a streaming site is illegal:

1. The videos are actually served by another site known for serving user uploaded videos (as opposed to a site like Hulu, that only accepts uploads from partner companies).

2. More than one of source for the video is provided. (Often found at fansub sites, in the event one source of the video gets reported and removed).

3. They have an unimaginably large catalog of titles, including every series being shown in Japan for the current season. (Some companies simply do not license their content for streaming, an no season has yet to see every title licensed for streaming. For example, if a site is streaming Puella Magi Madoka Magica to users in the U.S. currently, it is definitely an illegal site).

4. A large number of their titles include credits in the video to a fansub group for the translation.

I stand corrected, and bow down 2ur knowledge Wise1. Thanx, I thought those sites were legal!
Posted 1/7/12 , edited 1/7/12

eli9696 wrote:

a while ago i actually came across an anime site called XXXXXXXXXXX and that had a pretty large database as well so i just wanted to see everyone's opinions

~HIJACKED BY NYARTH, no obscure anime streaming sites please.

Awww. Shame on you!

I found one I'd post here but how do y'all define obscure?

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