☆ ☆ The first green visual Tamura I
Posted 10/15/11 , edited 10/16/11

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☆ ☆ The first green visual Tamura I
Subject: Blog

Everyone, Thanks a lot warmer Comment

Imo because while reading your comments

I can remember crying a variety of tea

The happy and connected with feelings like you and

I love the first source mileage is that I'm loved by so many people ... What I thought

Members want to be absolutely positive until 16 days later is a little Tsu

With all of those feelings 頑張Rimasu 出Shi切Tsu

Thank you ☆

I fit in today's colors "green" Write About

What color was the fun I love all the colors can be

When I knew green and

"Green" What is visual "eye" color

Take it to a healthy growing something <laughs> Tsu

Was excited and

See you in the audience from the stage lights.

I like beautiful flower garden is very small

Finds joy in the green light

- Did 'll struggle

What I get really healthy

Until now, "What is your favorite color? "When asked ..." That's all! "I was answered

I like best is the green

Recently, tension rises Idesu first glance at the green light green ish

So today "P 笑顔U campaign" did Aa

Thank you very much everyone for their cooperation during the busy evening

Precious niece color T-shirt

* * Thanks for today
4 days before presentation.
You are your favorite color

"Green" up

Thank you


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