Tamura is a visual ☆ Photo!
Posted 10/15/11 , edited 10/16/11

Fuke bookstore today (Sabunado Shinjuku store) had meeting with photo handshake celebrate the release of Mr.

Thank you to buy a photo Kudasatta

The charm of mileage database ☆

Photo Album - ♪ I jammed and many more. "

Because I have more treasure

★ A did 〃

... Requires a minimum of two books first Itoshiteha Tsu

One book ... look look look!

Save the important one book ...

* ☆ I miss the fans of the source mileage

By the way ...

Become a fan of the first device I have is ... mileage

Two years ago musical "Shugo Chara" was triggered by co-star

Everyone loved and gentle fashion mileage Ihaitsumo second source

Mr. Fukuda often submitted to the make-up

Mr. Maeda has been with the vocal exercises

Mr. Wada is a local group 盛Ri上Garimashita often speak of the horse

A nostalgic Aaaa

I source for mileage at odds since the end watts Tsu musical aspirations

Go to concerts * * * Look at the computer watching listening to CD * DVD

The fans were cheering as one

Come true when a major debut.

When Record Award for Best Newcomer award.

Really and truly happy

☆ so in such ...

Announced "a new member auditions"

What? ! I do not belive you?

Honesty was shocked ...

Mileage from loved but four come to support the database and mileage over Ihazu first four ...

But the big sister

"I saw first was by audition from the mileage I love database "

★ 〃 I auditioned me stop promoting


! ! ! ! 〃

"Feeling like a nest mileage is second to none! "

Wrote the paper and audition

And now ... we send a full day toward the source plus mileage member aspirations

Remembered that if you look at the various photo

I love the second source Tsu watts mileage! ☆ ★ 〃 〃

Tsu Tsu mileage but much, much love will continue even now adjuster adjuster still

* * Thanks for today

5 days until the announcement ...
Love nest "mileage" Thank you ☆ happy to have met


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