Tamura is a visual data cheerleader ♪ ↑
Posted 10/15/11 , edited 10/16/11

Yesterday's "Kamisun" Did you have a high-

I learned to read the comments ...

It was like some areas are not being broadcast

I can also say that I observed and saw the broadcast said, thank you comment a lot of support

Tsu Tsu is shining

Today is "Data Cheerleader" mini live and handshake Memorial Association has launched "Toyosu LaLaport" Dearimashita

In the field, and 気持Chi良Katta is sooo fun

Thank you for coming everyone 下Satta

By the way: "Other Cheerleader" What is love

Iha first "computer Cheerleader" I love

Anyway you can become healthy, be sure to go is hard to overcome it hard to hear this song

What seems

Capped the first song is part of the mileage database ...

"Data Cheerleader" is a song I fitted for an unforgettable important

Such "data Cheerleader" I'll keep trying to come to you in filing your full energy

Thank you

Mr. Wada Ayaka can DAWA

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