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Posted 10/16/11 , edited 10/16/11
The plot of the story depicts a conflict between good and evil, implicated through the Karakuri Dôji created by the character Dr. Dunstan. Yamato Agari is a 21st century reincarnation of a bandit from the Heian period. As in the past, Yamato meets the "Karakuri Dôji," mechanical boys, that transform his otherwise normal life into a battle of good versus evil. Immediately after Yamato meets the dôji Ultimo, another one called Vice appears, and he barely escapes from their f ight. Now acquainted with Ultimo, Yamato is confronted by many other dôji, both evil and good.

Yamato's fights become increasingly dangerous as the fifteen prominent dôji meet on the day of the "Hundred Machine Funeral," the last day of the world as we know it. With imminent destruction at hand, Yamato uses Ultimo's ability to bring the world back to the day he first meets the dôji. In order to avoid the catastrophe from repeating itself, Yamato plans to learn for himself the meanings of "good and evil" by meeting each of the dôji himself.

.(taken from wikipedia cuz i was lazy to expain this long story...)

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