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Posted 10/16/11 , edited 8/16/12

Ok~ so the old forums were meim's blog post~ but that was until i found out she was staying in s/mileage~!! so ont his fourm we will have meimi's blog post~!!

all blog post translations are from
Posted 10/16/11 , edited 10/16/11
It’s Tamura Meimi★Thank you very much☆
Tamura Meimi | OCTOBER 17, 2011 | 00:36

Everyone, I have good news
Mei is now a full member
But today, I was presented with the first release of today’s events…
I’m sooo sooo sooo glad
I was really anxious last night…
I really worked to be a full member
That’s not what I thought
I cried because I was so nervous before the announcement〃〃
And when my name was called, I was so happy
4 other names were called and I’m so glad everyone make it. We are going to work more and more hard
That’s what I thought
Today I’m a S/mileage’s full member
Thank you, thank you very much for the support so far
From now, I will work hard for gain more and more love as an official member
Thank to the future

*Thanks for today*
Big dreams came true
Thank you

Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/20/11
It’s Tamura Meimi☆Birthday T-shirt★★
Tamura Meimi | OCTOBER 19, 2011 | 19:10

The October 30th is my birthday
And being in S/mileage as a full member is the best gift

I will be 13 years old

This is Mei first birthday t-shirt
It’s the back
A printed text and graphic with a green background
I designed my own shirt…
I’m glad chu
I will wear it for events and live…
I’m soo glad
Thank you everyone I will continue my work
☆Thanks for today☆
My birthday t-shirt have a value
Thank you so much
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It’s Tamura Meimi♪ Things that trouble me, part 2!!
Tamura Meimi | OCTOBER 21, 2011 | 22:19

Thanks for always commenting!

Mei slowly refreshed herself yesterday, so I’m really energetic today!

Everyone, please spend your weekend in a fun way too


I’m gonna change the topic…

Mei had actually never rode the train at her hometown

But since I’m in S/mileage, I always have to ride the train at the metropolitan area

And there’s something that causes me trouble Σ(゜Δ゜*)

Which is…

The Yamanote Line

There’s “inner tracks” and “outer tracks” but

I can never tell which one is which

Do you all know that!?

No matter what she does, Mei can’t

If you have any tricks to remember them, then please tell me

Changing the topic again

This sunday we’re doing the last Live House Tour 2011 Fall Gyakushuu no Chou Miniskirt Mini performance at Niigata prefecture

I hope to be happy and have fun with everyone in this last live!

I’ll do my best

Please look forward to it

With Kananan

♪Today’s “thanks”♪
Kananan!! Thanks for always playing together with me

I lo~ve you


Posted 10/25/11 , edited 10/25/11
It’s Tamura Meimi☆ Tour♪
Tamura Meimi | OCTOBER 23, 2011 | 23:51

Today the
“S/mileage Concert Tour 2011 Autumn Gyakushuu no Chou Miniskirt” and “S/mileage Live House Tour 2011 Autumn Gyakushuu no Chou Miniskirt Mini” lives ended safely

Everyone who came to see us!


Everyone who supported us until this day!

Thank you so much

This was a tour we started off as S/mileage submebers

But we could face this day as S/mileage full members

Mei thinks she will never forget this tour

Thanks to everyone who supported us

When I remember the whole tour, lots of things come back to me

I remember being stunned at the fact that a few days after becoming submembers, we’d have to start rehearsing for this tour

It was my first concert and live house tour so the day after the first date I was so nervous I couldn’t sleep..

We went to lots of places and saw lots of things

Went to lots of places and ate local dishes


We met lots of people
I learnt lots of things from this tour

There were hard times too, but they’re all memories

*Today’s thanks*
Thanks to everyone who supported this tour (*´`*)

Posted 10/26/11 , edited 10/26/11
It’s Tamura Meimi ♪ Dance lesson ☆
Tamura Meimi | OCTOBER 27, 2011 | 00:05

Today we had a dance lesson for our new song “Please Miniskirt Postwoman”

It was a really cute and fun dance

I’ll do my best to get better at it

until we have the music video shooting


Please look forward to it!

“Please Miniskirt Postwoman”

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu

Well well

Today I got a birthday present from one of Mei’s friends


It’s so cute I already hung it on my backpack

And the smile accesory in the top is handmade

It would be nice if Mei was this skillful

Mei’s gonna try and make something too


Are there any fun things I can make??

Please tell me

*Today’s thanks*

Thanks for the great new song “Please Miniskirt Postwoman”!

Posted 10/29/11 , edited 10/30/11
It’s Tamura Meimi ☆ Day off!
Tamura Meimi | OCTOBER 27, 2011 | 22:23

Today was a day off from work

And!! ☆

After I was back from school, I had my beloved nap, which I hadn’t had in a while

And went shopping with my family after

♪ Eating~ dinner at the food court \(´ω`)

Looking at things at the general store…

Buying snacks at the cheap candy store…

Looking at winter clothes…

I also looked at things to make at the handicrafts store

When I make something, I’ll show you


It’s Halloween soon

Please look at this

A big pumpkin

You can go inside this pumpkin!!

I’m looking forward to Halloween

☆Today’s thanks☆
I had a nap! I went somewhere!

I’m so happy

Thank you

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It’s Tamura Meimi! Gunma citizen day ☆
Tamura Meimi | OCTOBER 28, 2011 | 20:56

Today I had no school

Do you know why??


Bingo! ♪

Because today is Gunma’s “citizen day”

On citizen day, all public schools in Gunma are closed (*^^*)

I practiced my dancing

After I danced with all my might…

I ate some snacks .*・°☆°・*.

I ate the huge yogurts I bought at the cheap candy store yesterday

It’s this ↑↑

Isn’t it amazing??

Mei loves yogurt and she ofter buys the small pots, but…

After I saw these huge ones yesterday, I fell for them ♪♪

I bought 2 \(´ω`)

After eating them…

They were yummy~

I’m full after eating both

So satisfied~ (´з`)-☆


Tomorrow, finally we’ll be holding…

Hello! Project
Releasing on November 16th, “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku”

Preorder & handshake event and Tokyo Dome City, LaQua

Ya~y \(^_^ ) ( ^_^)/

It’s been a while since my last handshake event

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you

Please come ( ^^)☆

I’m kind of nervous

about working with my Hello! Project seniors, but…

There’s lots of things I’ll learn from this! ♪

Firstly, all of my seniors are super stylish ☆

Using their fashion as reference, Mei wants to wear cute clothes this fall too (°◇°;)

Everyone is also very good at singing and dancing!

I’ll do my best tomorrow to show the results of today’s practice ♪♪

This time, there’s different people in different event locations *♪

That’s something to look for too ☆

Everyone who supports Hello! Project!!!

I’m looking forward to meeting you at tomorrow’s Tokyo event

♪Today’s thanks♪

Thanks to the yogurt for filling me up!!


Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
It’s Tamura Meimi! Mobekimasu ☆
Tamura Meimi | OCTOBER 29, 2011 | 22:24
By TANGERINE | Translated: NOVEMBER 1, 2011

Everyone who came to today’s event at Tokyo Dome City, LaQua

Thank you so much!!!

I think everyone who came knows this, but…

Tsugunaga-san was so funny, I got really fired up

I was nervous, but it was really fun ☆☆

And those who couldn’t come, thanks for your support too

By the way, at today’s event (*´`*)

I had my first handshake in a while…

And I got to shake hands with all of you S/mileage and Hello! Project fans

Receiving words of support from fans I met for the first time

Made me super happy

Mei always thinks “I’m so happy I got into S/mileage~” but

This time I’m really grateful about being a part of Hello! Project \(´ω`)

Thank you so much everybody!!

I’ll do my best from now on too!

And! And!

Today is the 29th ☆♪


Tomorrow is the 30th ☆♪

Mei’s birthday

So, at today’s event

Mei, Morning Musume’s Fukumura-san who has the same birthday, and Haruka-chan whose birthday was on the 27th

Got a birthday song sang by the fans and the members there (^з^)-☆!

It was my first time being congratulated by so many people, so I was happy ε(>ω<)з

Thank you so much, really!!

But that’s not all

After I went back to the dressing room…

All of the members said


And our manager brought us an ice cream cake

It was delicious


Today, the 29th, is Tsunku-san’s birthday

Actually, I got to be at Tsunku-san’s birthday party

And being surrounded by so many people…

He looked really happy

Tsunku-san, happy birthday

♪Today’s thanks♪

Everyone who congratulated me on my birthday! Thank you ☆☆♪

Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
It’s Tamura Meimi ☆ Birthday!!!
Tamura Meimi | OCTOBER 30, 2011 | 22:25
By TANGERINE | Translated: NOVEMBER 1, 2011

Today is Mei’s birthday!!!

Today Mei turned 13

After it was 12 pm…

I got lots of congratulation emails…

And lots of congratulation comments on this blog too

I was really happy

This is the first time since I was born that so many people have congratulated me (*´`*)

Thank you so much everyone ♪”

I got lots of presents too

Thank you ★☆★

12 was a great year for Mei

I passed the audition for my admired S/mileage

I got to debut with S/mileage as a submember

I got to participate in a tour

I got to work at TV and magazines


I got to be an official member

I said it on the 16th at the official announcement too, but

The best birthday present for Mei was becoming an official S/mileage member

Today Mei became a 13 year old cheerfully

Actually, it seems Mei’s birth was quite the trouble, but

“Inochi” ga “minoru” de*

“Meimi” Meimi

And… changing it to a popular name…

I got called

“Meimi” Meimi

From now on too, thanks to the fact I was born…

Like my name says…

I’ll do my best

to once bud like my name!

This is my dreamed 13′s beggining

I’ll do my best to deliver lots of smiles and energy to everyone ☆”

I got a cake

☆Today’s thanks☆

I’m thanking the fact I was born ♪

Thank you


*Note: “Inochi ga minoru” basically means “to bear life”. “Inochi” can also be read as “mei”. “Mei” means “sprout” or “bud”.
Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
It’s Tamura Meimi☆ I had fun♪
Tamura Meimi | JANUARY 8, 2012 | 23:08
By SAYA | Translated: JANUARY 9, 2012

Today we finished our Hello Concert at Nakano Sun Plaza
Thank you to everyone who came

And thank you to everyone who cheered us on!☆

Was the HelloCon fun?

Actually, Mei hurt her leg at the end of the year, and I caused everyone to worry….

I was really depressed, but

thanks to the members, and staff, and everyone who supported I was able to go up on stage full of energy(*^^*)

Really, thank you so much

There are no more Hello concerts in Tokyo, but we will be doing more concerts in different areas, so please come and see them

Today, I’m with Morning Musume。-san’s Suzuki Kanon

Suzuki-san is a really funny and nice senpai

By the way, the one who took this picture is Morning Musume。-san’s Fukumura Mizuki-san

Thank you very much


Last night it seems Mei…..

said “Thank you very much! From S/mileage!!” in my sleep!!!

☆Thank you for today☆

I feel happy when I’m with the Hello members

I love everyone

Thank you


*HelloCon = Hello! Project Concert

Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
It’s Tamura Meimi☆~Mr. Frog
Tamura Meimi | JANUARY 10, 2012 | 20:21
By SAYA | Translated: JANUARY 12, 2012

Yesterday I didn’t have any work

I woke up at noon

And then I ate breakfast, but I started feeling sleepy around 1pm and before I knew it I had slept all afternoon…

I slept too much

And then I had to hurry…

and do my winter break homework to write my first calligraphy of the year and work

Speaking of the first calligraphy of the year…

last year I also had the first calligraphy of the year as homework

I practiced a lot and finally wrote it down

I’m finished

or so I thought. When I went to put away the ink

I spilled it on the tatami mat


I panicked and knocked over a bottle of india ink

Ink flew all over the room and it became a real problem

No matter how hard I tried to wipe it the ink had already sunken into the mat and was sprayed all over the room

It become black in an instant

I’m sorry Mama and Papa

Now every time Mei hears “first calligraphy of the year” I remember this

Oh yeah☆

Today I’ll introduce one of Mei’s friends

It’s Mr. Frog

He’s 1 meter tall

I received it as a Christmas present from an acquaintance (*^^*)

I’ve always wanted one, so I was really happy

Today is a special photo with Pon-chan

On Mr. Frog’s head, there is Pon-chan’s favorite apple The picture taking is over

☆What I’m Grateful for Today☆

Today’s dinner was fried rice

Thank you

It’s Mei’s favorite


Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
Tamura Meimi | MAY 19, 2012 | 09:37
By TNB | Translated: MAY 20, 2012

Yesterday I went to see Morning Musume-san’s Niigaki-san and Mitsui-san’s graduation concert.

I was very moved…
I’m grateful to Mitsui-san and Niigaki-san for their help during the New Year Hello concert…

Both of them were kind to me and talked to me about various things even though I’m a newcomer. They’ve been very wonderful senpai☆

In particular, one time I asked Niigaki-san if she’d let me do the Mayuge Beam…

And she said very kindly, “Use it a bunch☆” !

I was so happy about it that I couldn’t sleep that night…

It’s only been a short time but I’m glad to have met Mitsui-san and Niigaki-san…

Both Niigaki-san and Mitsui-san are senpai I look up to…

I love both Niigaki-san and Mitsui-san!☆

You’ve worked hard!

I’ll continue to always cheer you on!!


Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
Tamura Meimi * Yamanashi (*^_^*)
Tamura Meimi | JULY 28, 2012 | 21:49
By AISASAMI | Translated: JULY 29, 2012

We went to Yamanashi for today’s bus tour. (*^_^*)

Yay ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Yamanashi has a lot of nature and it is fun. (^ ^)

Wada-san said during her talk that it look a little like Gunma. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I also like Gunma but I am becoming to like Yamanashi too ☆~ (ゝ。∂)

After coming to the bus tour, perhaps all who came are sleeping now?

Or, maybe talking together with their fan comrades?

Was it a fun first day today ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ?

In any case, Mei had fun. )^o^(

Tomorrow will be lots of fun. ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

Please treat me well tomorrow too. m(_ _)m

After that, those who couldn’t come to the bus tour.

Maybe they are watching the Olympics in their homes about this time. (´・_・`)

To the next chance again!

Let’s meet. ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪

* Thank you for today. *

Truly able to come to Yamanishi, able to do my first bus tour, and a lot of fans came to the S/mileage bus tour, thanks for everything today.

Thank you. (^ ^)

Meimei ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪ Hiyoko

Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
Tamura Meimi * Bus Tour!
Tamura Meimi | JULY 29, 2012 | 17:01
By AISASAMI | Translated: JULY 29, 2012

The bus tour has finally ended. ( ; ; )

Gloom. (´Д` )

Gloom Gloom Gloom. (´Д` )

Because it’s my first bus tour, I was nervous but I had lots of fun and was able to make really good memories.

Fans came to Yamanishi from different places.

Surely I thought there was also a lot of people who came and also spent time.

I am truly thankful. ☆

Was the bus tour fun?

Mei had a lot of fun. \(^o^)/

Especially, the ice cream that was made at a farm.

It was our first time making ice cream and the ice cream we made was delicious by richness!

However, because the delicious ice cream’s origin was the cows. ( ^_^)/~~~

Thank you cows too. (Laugh) ☆彡

I want to do another bus tour!

I want to do it at a pace of once a week. (^ ^)

That is impossible?

Well, once a month. ☆

Anyways, it was very fun. (^_-)-☆

And then, there was very good things during the bus tour!!

That is I was able to discover that the four leaf clover is seventeen mil units. ♪( ´▽`)

It seems that deformities can hurt the point of growth for four leaf clovers. (^ ^)

Even if it’s wounded, good luck in blooming four leaf clover.

The clover that is injured gives happiness to people for this reason.

Mei also wants to become that sort of person.

Even if there is any means, I want to do my best in not being discouraged. ( ^ ^ )/□

That’s right!

Those who came to the bus tour are inside the buses again.

Thank you truly for today and yesterday!

Let’s meet again!

Bye Bye! ☆彡

* Today’s thank you *

It was various fun today!

Thank you. ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Meimei ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪ Hiyoko
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