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Posted 10/17/11 , edited 10/17/11
Any songs, any languages, any anything, is accepted. Name the songs you hate, whether they be from the 80's or 2011!

The songs I consider to be the worst:

Justin Beiber - Baby
Justin Beiber - Somebody To Love (Unless it's the version covered by the glee boys, that doesn't sound like a 12 year old girl)
Chocolat (the korean band) - Syndrome (well, at least live)
Wind Hold Lucy - CALL ME (pretty bad for their debut....)
Rebecca Black - Friday
Rebecca Black - My Moment
Jenna Rose - My Jeans
Jenna Rose - OMG (as in - OMG- this song makes me want to rip my eardrums out!)
After School - In The Night Sky (I usually like their stuff , I loved the b-side to the RED single , Hollywood, but seriously, In the Night Sky was rather headache inducing)
Lil Wayne - How to Love (Uh, need I say more?!)
Katy Perry - ET with Kanye West (Kanye, you ruined a song that was already bad)
Kim Kardashian - Jam (Turn it Up)
Abby Victor - Crush on You (another product of the Music Factory on the Ark *rolls eyes*)
Britney Spears - Big Fat Bass feat will.i.am (I just don't like it)
The Japanese Version of Rainbow's Gossip Girl (it seems like the producers didn't even decide to re record half of it, it sucks ass because of that)

Need I go on?
Posted 10/17/11 , edited 10/17/11
Friday, Rebecca Black.

Really. REALLY, does she really think people want to hear "Friday friday friday friday friday friday friday friday friday" for the next few minutes? Even writing that made me cringe.

Anything by Soulja Boy

Dude, you can be an anime fan but stay the fuck away from the music industry. Period.
Posted 10/17/11 , edited 10/17/11
Duplicate thread.

Worst song ever

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