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ok~ i felt like the group was organized with all the updates, so i decided to put all on a forum XD so plz check this forum for updates on the group~ until i find a way to organize the group (u know, if that ever happens) XD anways thxs for support meimi ^0^

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After S/mileage’s new members were announced, S/mileage 8th single titled Please Mini Skirt Post Woman!! has been announced during the event.

This will be the first single to feature officially Takeuchi Akari, Katsuta Rina, Tamura Meimi and Nakanishi Kana as members of S/mileage.

title once again surprises me in a good way since it has a S/mileage vibe to it with the Mini Skirt part (on notice, S/mileage’s 3 main members’s skirts have become shorter), and the title overall is a very catchy and cute title all in English that might also refer to the sub-members saying “Please Mini Skirt” as if they are reclaiming their mini skirts now that they are full members

The release date is set for 12/28.

Official annoucnement: http://s-mileage.jp/info/3260

An interview about meimi tamura~!!

Q. What hobbies?
Playing with dog
Q. What is talent?
Impersonation! Arrange hair
play by (and pile .... are you?)
Q. Favorite food
Ikaso Ramen.
Plum kelp.
Scallop strings.
(Delicious. Yoppai Amaji.)
Q. What is your strengths?
Fine. (The only merit it.)
Q. What is your weaknesses?
Oh Zappa (whatever is roughly)
In a nutshell my character Q.?
Noisy. (Well, "You are annoying." Is said.)
Q. What is favorite subject?
Music, art (love it there!)
Q. What is your favorite animal?
Dogs, alpaca, cat, squirrel, chick, rabbit, penguin, lazy, giraffes, deer, monkey, pig, cow (Tsu Tsu love everyone!)
Q. What is your favorite color?
Love all!
Q. What feedback was elected the new members?
Happy anyway.

Fukuda Kanon talked about meimi in her blog ^o^ and she tells us how the sub-members are doing on there smile campaign

Tamura Meimi Tour goods released~!! more @ photos. You can order these goods from hello store USA from
Start: Oct. 7 - 8 AM PST
End: Oct 24 - 6PM PST
ANd u can order these items from the offical Hello!Project website ^o^

Meimi and the other sub members get their own songs to sing together~!! meimi leans more to be more of the lead singer, but anyway plz enjoy the video ^o^

Wada, Ayaka talked about meimi in her blog ^^ so far the members find meimi adorable and they say she has a wonderful simile ^o^ blog posted on SEPTEMBER 24, 2011[/green

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i reorganized the group so this forum is closed~!!
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