[2012 KDrama] The King's Dream
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Title: 대왕의 꿈 (大王的夢想) / Daewangeui Kkoom / The King's Dream
Also known as: The Great King's Dream / Dream of the Emperor / Dream of the King
Previously known as: 태종무열왕 / Taejong Mooyeol Wang / King Taejong Mooyeol
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 80 + 1 special
Broadcast network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2012-Sep-02 (special), 2012-Sep-08 to TBA
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:40


A drama about the heroes of the time and Kim Yoo Shin as well as Kim Choon Choo who allied with the Tang Dynasty to destroy the Baekje and create the Golden days of the national culture.


Choi Soo Jong as Kim Choon Choo
Chae Sang Woo as young Choon Choo
Kim Yoo Suk as Kim Yoo Shin
Noh Young Hak (노영학)as young Yoo Shin
Park Joo Mi as Queen Seon Duk / Princess Duk Man
Sun Joo Ah (선주아) as young Duk Man
Lee Young Ah as Queen Seung Man
Kim Hyun Soo as young Seung Man

Kim Choon Cho's family

Jung Dong Hwan as Kim Yong Choon
Jo Kyung Sook (조경숙) as Princess Chun Myung
Choo So Young as Princess Bo Ra
Lina (린아) as Queen Moon Myung
Min Ji Ah as Bo Hee

Kim Yoo Shin's family

Choi Il Hwa as Kim Seo Hyun
Kim Ye Ryung as Madam Man Myung (Yoo Shin's mother)
Kim Hyun Sook as Madam Jae Mae

Silla Bureau Royal House

Kim Ha Kyoon as King Jin Pyung
Jung Jae Soon as Dowager Sa Do
Jo Yang Ja as Dowager Man Ho
Im Nan Hyung (임난형) as Queen Ma Ya
Lee Si Won (이시원) as Princess Bo Ryang
Jang Min Kyo (장민교) as Military Commander Bo Ro

Silla Noble Politicians

Im Hyuk as Al Chun
Lee Woo Suk as Eul Je
Suh In Suk as Suk Eul Jong
Yang Jae Sung as Im Jong
Hong Il Kwon as Galmoon King (King Jin Pyung's brother)
Lee Il Jae (이일재) as Ho Rim
Bae Do Hwan as Yeom Jang
Park Chil Yong as Kim Hoo Jin
Baek Jae Jin as Man Choon

Silla's renaissance Protagonist

Park Jae Woong (박재웅) as Kim Heum Soon
Kim Hyuk as Geom Gun

Other people

Lee Dae Ro as Judiciary Won Kwang
Gwi Moon Dan
Jang Dong Jik as Bi Hyung
Kim Kyung Ryong as Nan Seung
Lee Jung Yong as Gil Dal
Noh Young Jo (노영주) as On Goon Hae
Lee Se Young as Chun Gwan Nyeo
Kim Jin Yi (김진이) as Si No
Lee Ah Yi as Cha Bi
Jang Joon Nyung (장준녕) as Mo Chuk
Maya as Ho Rang
Kim Hyun Jung as Myo Rang


Park Chul Ho as King Moo
Choi Chul Ho as King Ui Ja
Cha Gi Hwan (차기환) as Gye Roo


Jo Jae Wan as Baek Suk
? as King Bo Jang
? as Yun Gae Somoon

Tang Dinasty

? as Tang Tae Jong
? as Tang Go Jong
? as So Jung Bang


? as Emperor Saimei
? as Emperor Tenji

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Choi Soo-jong cast in "King Muyol"

Actor Choi Soo-jong has been cast in "King Muyol". He has been given the role of King Muyol in the KBS 1 historical drama "King Muyol". This is Choi Soo-jong's first historical drama since KBS 1 "Dae Jo Yeong" 5 years ago. The contract has been signed and the first shooting took place in Kyeongju City, North of Kyeongsang on the 15th.

Choi Soo-jong's "Taejong King Muyol" is the third historical hero drama of the era of the Three States presented by KBS in the last 2 years and draws the period of King Muyol, the 29th king of the Shilla. Other than Choi Soo-jong are Choi Jae-seong, Park Sol-mi, Rina and more.

Meanwhile, "King Muyol" will start shooting in March and be released in May as a week-end drama.
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Choi Soo Jong Will Return to the Historical Drama Scene After a 5-year Hiatus

Actor Choi Soo Jong will make a comeback to the world of historical dramas this summer in 'The King's Dream'. Choi Soo Jong, who is known for his roles in historical drama series, hasn't taken a single role in a historical piece since 2007 in 'Dae Jo Yeong'.

Of course, as the master of the period pieces, Choi Soo Jong will return to the screen as none other than the king himself. Choi stated in an interview, "When I saw the synopsis, I couldn't help but get greedy. I couldn't waste this opportunity, letting it pass on to some other lucky guy, but at the same time, thinking about taking the role myself seemed difficult. However, I just couldn't turn this offer down." Despite Choi Soo Jong's mixed feelings, he is excited to act in a historical Korean drama once again.

Over the years, many critics have applauded Choi Soo Jong for his outstanding performances and ability to effectively portray the majestic and glorious air of ancient Korean royalty. With so much expectation for the star Choi Soo Jong, 'The King's Dream' will surely be a hit.

'The King's Dream' will begin airing in early September on KBS1.

Lina From CSJH The Grace Lands a Lead Role in ‘The King’s Dream’

CSJH The Grace's Lina will star in a KBS1 weekend drama called 'The King's Dream'. This period piece will feature Lina as Kim Moon Hee, the second wife of the king. This drama's main plotline will involve a king who is working hard to achieve the goal of uniting the Three Kingdoms politically.

Formed in 2005, the girl group CSJH is SM Entertainment Company's quartet project. Officially, CSJH stands for the romanization of the group's Korean name Cheon Sang Ji Hee. "The Grace" was not added to their name until after 2006. As CSJH The Grace is active and widely popular in not only Korea but also Japan and China, the new drama 'The King's Dream' will have a trifecta effect of attracting audiences from all three countries, highly anticipating Lina's small screens appearance.

Although Lina has performed in musicals before, this will be her first time trying a drama series on television. Since debuting as a singer with SM Entertainment, Lina has been seen in various musicals such as 'Fame', 'Youth's March', and 'Temptation of Wolves'. Lina stated in an interview, "Although I don't have any experience with the small screens, I will try my best and work hard to learn how to act in a drama. Please enjoy even if I do make a few mistakes here and there."

'The King's Dream' is an 80-episode series and will air on September 8th.
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Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
‘King’s Dream’ production press conference event

Upcoming KBS2 saeguk drama King’s Dream started its production with a press conference event at Silla Millennium Park in Kyungju City on June 14.

KBS presents King’s Dream as a pure saeguk drama, to satisfy audience who looked for authentic historical drama after lot of fusion saeguk dramas lately such as God of War, Dr Jin and Queen Inhyun’ Man.

King’s Dream centers its story on King Mooyul from ancient Shilla dynasty. The ancient Korea peninsula was divided into 3 countries (Shilla, Baekje and Gogoryo) , and King Mooyul was the king who successfully established the unification and made those three countries as unified nation.

King’s Dream will avoid many expensive war scenes, instead they will present the complicate and delicate political situation among nation’s elite. We’ll see how ancient nation’s leaders establish their leadership, fight and compromise with neighbor countries. The drama also portrayed Korean relation with ancient Japan and China (Tang Dynasty).

Veteran actor Choi Soo Jung (President, War of Roses) plays the role of King Mooyul and actress Park Joo Mi (I Believe in Love) will take leading lady role, Queen Sun Duk.

During the press conference, Park Joo Mi expressed her goal to show different style of Queen Sun Duk.
To make it different from Lee Yo Won’s in previous hit drama Queen Sun Duk, Joo Mi said ,” My Sun Duk won’t swing a sword in battle field. I will show different part of the Queen that previous drama didn’t show”.

Meanwhile, leading man Choi Soo Jung said ,” I’m a man who see a drama performance through its script because the 90% portion drama’s success is decided by its script. And King’s Dream is very interesting and great, please cheer for this drama”.
Choi Soo Jung also showed his confidence for King’s Dream ,” I felt no burden. A drama is not made only by one man. The kind of people we worked together is important. I’m confident that I’m with the best seniors and capable juniors, so I feel relax”.

And the veteran actor has his perspective about rating ,”Some actors said that they didn’t care about rating. They said it’s good enough if the drama’s team worked in friendly atmosphere. But actually, if the rating is low, the shooting atmosphere becomes gloom”.

King’s Dream airs September 8.

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New images for the upcoming Korean drama "The Great King's Dream"

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Posted 8/21/12 , edited 8/21/12
CSJH’s Lina prepares for her acting debut in ‘The Great King’s Dream’

CSJH‘s Lina was recently cast in KBS‘s new weekend drama, ‘The Great King’s Dream‘, as the second wife of King Taejong Muyeol, and shared her thoughts on making her acting debut.

At the set of the drama, she expressed, “I’m nervous because we’ve finally begun filming after the castings last year. I’m really amazed with everything like practicing from a script that has my name and even visiting the film set for the first time. I’m looking forward to everything that’s to come.”

The 80-episode drama boasts around $20 million USD in production investments alone and will tell the story of how Korea came to be unified and enter into one of the greatest cultural times of its history.

The drama will begin airing on September 8th.
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Posted 8/28/12 , edited 8/29/12
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Lee Se-yeong grows up fast

Lee Se-yeong grew up so fast.

The first episode of the KBS 1TV drama "The Great King's Dream" showed Lee Se-yeong all grown up.

Lee Se-yeong appeared as Cheon Gwan-nyeo who Kim Yoo-sin (No Yeong-hak) falls in love with a first sight. She was daring as she warned "You can't do this to a vestal like me" to the soldiers who mocked her.

Lee Se-yeong had a good base in acting thanks to her child actress days and seemingly all grown up.

Netizen's say, "When did she become so big?", "She's become prettier" and more.

Lee Se-yeong debuted in the SBS drama "Brothers' River" in 1997 and starred in "My Love Patzzi", "Dae Jang Geum" and movie "When I Turned Nine" and "Lovely Rivals"
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