[ G a m i n g ] P o k e m o n • T r a d e
Posted 10/18/11 , edited 10/19/11

Info related to trading:

*All trading request will be done here
*Trading request will be done in the post below
*Trading status will be observed by and mods
*Any update in trading status will be informed through private message
*Trading request may be accepted by any members

Trading procedures:

*Members can post request by fulfilling the form below
*Members can accept the request by posting a reply
*Members whose request is accepted by other members will be informed through private message by me or mods
*Members can arrange and discuss their own meeting and trading time

Pokemon Trading Form

In game name:_________________

Friend Code:________________

Pokemon Offered:__________________

Pokemon Requested: _________________

Additional Item requested:______________________

Meeting Time/Trading Time:____________________
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