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Internet Personas
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22 / M / Stoke, England
Posted 10/19/11 , edited 12/7/11
After re-reading Raider and Fortune hunter, I'm definitely not them. Think of a good one for me desu desu nyan neko-chan kawaii <3

Hidden bump.
Posted 10/19/11 , edited 10/20/11
Adam Idris:

A mild attention whore who is devoid of shame and will not be bothered by how they're perceived. Not a planner but has regular varied anecdotes. Remains elusive and never makes his intentions clear. Self underlining impression that he's always fantastic.

A tendency to disregard social cues or others logic until he makes up his mind in-accordance because what he has to say or do is more significant to him. Consoles himself to loneliness. Will generally be cheeky to others.

Thinks highly of themselves while ferociously and steadfastly subduing his intense fury to maim and kill. Will lame himself up and still have a contagious coolness afterwords. He has no faults and doesn't want to find fault in others.

Will not hide his expressions though and feels the need to always be honest. He's certainly messed up but is too stubborn for it to be exhumed. Even acknowledging them or a show of immature effrontery will not sway him to thinking lesser of himself.

His super long sightedness is unbeknownst to others and has dreams of world domination.
Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/20/11

I'm not certain why you feel compelled to emphasize how predictable you believe I was - in red lettering no less - or why it is important to our debate here whether or not you placed me into any type, as that wasn't the point of why I offered what I shared with you. You seem to be approaching this from the standpoint that I am somehow attacking you personally, and I'm not. I am only critiquing the reasoning behind your list of "persona" archetypes.

You really should take a deep breath, give your ego a breather and try to remain objective here. I used to participate in debate clubs, and the purpose of such debates isn't to win a pissing match, so much as it is a mental exercise that helps you to think about how how analyze arguments and construct an effective response to them, so that your position is clear.

Take your time.

It was part of my practice maybe?

I think you're using too much judgement, as much as you want your judgement to be truth.

I don't take offense or feel attacked by what you're saying, just confused as to why such things were said.

Why is persona in double quotes? You do know what that means right?

You're stepping too far into.

"I'm right, you're young and you'll change eventually."
, I think you're placing yourself on a pedestal too high for my words to reach you, as you contradicted yourself.

I recognize that you feel defensive, and I understand that you haven't had a lot of experience yet with sourcing the hidden agendas and motivations that people may have for doing what they do. You are perfectly normal for this stage in your life, in wanting to do this sort of thing. Which is why I can humor it without concern. If you were, say, my age and putting this out in all seriousness, then we'd have an issue.

Too much judgement here, if you were in debate clubs, if you lost everyone of them, I wouldn't be surprised, debates are not about trying to identify someone you're trying to belittle, it's actually not about belittling anyone, which is what that entire quote was doing, as it didn't state anything else but my age, over and over again, there was a name for you before we were both even born, if you say. "I'm not attacking you." Whether you intentionally did it or not, this is called under the table, otherwise you would have tried less to constrict me to your only knowledge and judgement wouldn't have played a part, for the simple fact that I'm younger, no matter what I would have said, would have breed the same reply if I disagreed with you.

Hindsight is 20/20, and most of us at the other (older) end can still recall being that know-it-all teenager who thought he/she had everyone and everything figured out. You cannot possibly understand yet, because you haven't gone through the process, but we all remember. You're still learning, and all I can say is a day will come when this type of indulgence will turn around and bite you in the ass at a most inopportune time, and that's actually for the best.

This continues from where you left off, you just repeated yourself for almost the third time in a roll now, ever since George W Bush was president, I thought everyone released age played little when it comes to a mental state, but apparently your debate classes forced you to put gates around the other party, sadly this doesn't apply to anyone, it's called judgement and if you look at the Old Lady and Tough Talker You'll see this list is actually pretty accurate, and even anonymous members are admitted to where they fit(Or partially fit in) and if you don't agree after your last few posts, then there's no reason for us to continue chatting.

I'm still learning? So you stopped learning? You're hinting at the possibility you know everything? Who isn't still learning? Who knows everything what they want to know? Holes like this prove to myself, that these posts do contain under handed insults, and you do realize you put them there right? Hiding them aren't any fun whatsoever, you never used "Kid"(Probably because of the types in the OP), but you sure wasn't affectionate about anything in your posts.

all I can say is a day will come when this type of indulgence will turn around and bite you in the ass at a most inopportune time, and that's actually for the best.

If this wasn't an under the table attack, then I don't know what is.

know-it-all teenager who thought he/she had everyone and everything figured out


Opening Post:

How do you like my internet persona list?

I'm still building it.

I think this is a point in time whenever you age is a liability are you're relying on it too heavily in all your judgements, and obviously they proved to be false, you gotta have more than a number to back up your claims, and since your age is at a point where its becoming a liability, you may just never get that understanding ability back.

That's a fallacious presumption. I am mostly a pragmatist. I study people often, including myself, and I have been doing so for about 30 years now. There are no foolproof experts in this area, either.

So why do you use sweeping judgements when you could be potentially wrong? Or maybe you're often wrong and block it out? I can clearly see you're starting to trip over your words.

The tendency I have noticed over the years is that the more judging temperaments tend to do this sort of thing you're doing. It isn't necessarily in error to do it to some degree, as long as it isn't your blanket solution for approaching everyone in all situations. People are way too complex for that to work well beyond very superficial and brief interactions.

You probably lost track of the point you were trying to make, because this wall of text is completely.....flawed.

f you're referring to me, about starting a bandwagon?? Sometimes a quacking bird that waddles is nothing more than a duck. Try not to put your own Agenda Cart ahead of my Opinion Horse.

Coming off more rude than you intend is par for the course for your age. Practice makes grace, so they say.

They? Or maybe you just made that one up, I certainly never heard it before.

Coming off more rude has nothing to do with age, but of course that's how you wanna think when you're older.

I actually heard from a doctor once.

"The older you get, the higher you wanna place your pedestal."

Labelers - Those individuals who are compelled to categorize others in an attempt to simplify inter-anthropological cognition (i.e. if you give someone a label with a defined trait cohort, you then have an anchor to who they are), either out of a sincere desire to efficiently understand others, as a social coping mechanism, simple laziness, humor, anger, or a combination of these reasons. Labelers run the risk of underestimating or missing the myriad nuances and egocentricities that make particular individuals unique, as well as limiting their own perception if the labeling tendency (the desire to "pigeonhole" others) is so ironclad in their minds that assessment myopia persists.

I think I got a good idea of how you grew up and where, it sounds like America, the United States to be more precise.

Dictionaries never hurt anyone, "individual" isn't singular "people"

You should vastly reword some of your comments before you post them.

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M / Inside My Head
Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/20/11
You forgot the the Pedobears
Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/20/11
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22 / M / Stoke, England
Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/20/11
Why so serious?
Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/20/11
OMGGGG Kawaiii desu kaaa! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Th1s is s00ooooooooo amezinggg! i dun think I fit into enyy of those on za list!
Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/20/11

CarboKill wrote:

Why so serious?

Carbokill, my lad. You clearly have no sense of taste in the manner in which this brilliance is derived from!

Now let the thing be posh and shut the fuck up, yo. This is practically golden for a comeback of mine. "And who was the one that made consistent arguments and only served to derail threads?" Right now, I'm just amused.

Talking about seeing the demons in people when its about seeing the demons in people. Kind of the whole point, you see. The whole demonizing and villainizing part is just a process. Categorizing the insecurities each personae has is the raw intent. But due to it not having enough impact, inflammatory or otherwise negative material was presented to get the thread off of its feet. Now that Aero has admitted he'll be making his OP grow as the thread goes on, any argument should be null and voided. especially if they prove to be much less negative as the original ones presented.

*sips coffee* jolly-o, muthafucka.
Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/20/11
Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/21/11
I wouldn't know what to categorize myself as. I hate it when people have typos and don't correct it or when someone spells something wrong on purpose, but then I don't go and dictate them. I also do love correcting grammar of others, but then again, I don't tell them anything because I keep it all to myself. I wouldn't consider myself a grammar nazi. I could be a "fire breather", but I seem to be off from it. Whatever I am, I am something.

Edit: I just had to fix my typo.
Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/20/11
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22 / F / In bed with Ikuto~
Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/20/11
morgan freeman/troll YES.
despite that trolls rlly are gettin overrated these dayz. D:)
Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/20/11
Er...I don't fit into any of those.

Can't you make a "Loser" category? For guys like me who just like to sound eloquent and intelligent online, but are actually just plain idiots in real life?

And, by GODS do I hate the "Princess" category. There's one in every forums. There's probably at least a dozen on Crunchyroll alone!
Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/20/11
I consider myself as mostly an observer in forums.
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29 / M / Louisville, KY
Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/20/11
I like to be Moderator; be in control and create order more like though. I don't know why, in real life I enjoy taking lead and being the person responsible. I feel like I have people relying on me and that makes me try harder to make them succeed. If I were in the army I would definitely be Officer rank material. I can take orders, but I like being able to lead more.
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