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Posted 10/19/11 , edited 10/21/11
☁ Create Your Trainer. Choose Your Starter. ☁

☁ Form:

Character Name:
Starter Pokemon / Nickname (Nickname optional):
Other Pokemon in your Party (including your starter, only allowed 6):
Attacks for all Pokemon:
Picture (Of your trainer, optional):

☁ Rules:

Don't use legends as your starters.
Legends are only to be seen not to be captured.
No copying other users character descriptions.

☁ Example ☁

Username: WashedUpStereoType
Character Name: T.K.
Starter Pokemon / Nickname: Squirtle - Baby Blue (+ Wartortle - Blue and Blastoise - Big Blue)
Other Party Pokemon : Pidgey - Pidge (+ Pidgeotto and Pidgeot), Eevee (+ Espeon - Espio), Pachirisu, Ponyta - Red (+ Rapidash), and Sentret (+ Furret)
Attacks: you know what to do. ;P
Picture of Trainer: N/A
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