Pierre Masse
Posted 10/20/11 , edited 10/20/11
I heard this song on the radio and had to figure out who sang it. Sucked when I learned he had almost no fans. :[ That song had been recorded a YEAR ago and, still, nothing. Poor thing even replied to a comment I posted on the vid on Youtube as if he'd been waiting (Idk, how it seemed to me. Still dissapointing that I'm the only one who commented.) I've been telling all of my real life friends who've been telling their friends and hopefully so on and so on I just really want to help and let people know about him. Can't be the only one who thinks he's amazing:


Please check him out. Like the vid. Favorite the vid. Comment. Tell the rest of your friends if you like it. Anything to help. I know I appreciate it and he will, too. ^^ Thanks!!

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