Feedback: The Queue Still Lacks Management Capability
Posted 10/21/11 , edited 10/21/11
To the web developers of Crunchyroll, a question: in what capacity was it necessary to ditch a management system for an all-inclusive queue? Was there a financial burden? The other system generating too many help requests? A belief everyone will find it easier to use?

Whatever the reason, I'm here to provide my feedback to this non-user friendly system.

What CR had was almost what we in the streaming world need. A management system which allows us to move and shuffle these series in categories, customized or not, so we're not bombarded with an entire list which was forced on us without the simplest of features to sort alphabetically.

Would any of you programmers like to take the time to alphabetize my queue? It's got over 80 titles. Trying to manipulate just 5 to the top of my queue was enough to make me scream, given my queue extends beyond the capacity of my browser.

I'd like to see three categories offered, and the ability to move a series from one to another:
-New (which should be auto-filled by CR, please)

Three categories. Simple. Effective. And a necessity when there's too many series to manage in a single list.

I added the recent CR licenses (Fall 2011) to my queue, which is why I'm writing this now. They all went to the bottom of my queue.

The bottom, which isn't even visible when I hit my queue. Picture trying to bring one from the bottom, to the top, so I can "manage" my new additions on this single list. When the browser scrolls for me, it's not too bad. However, it's finding that "sweet spot" to get the thing to scroll that's not fun.

At this stage, I'll even settle for just a sort button. ANYTHING to make finding a series easier to do on my 85 title-inclusive queue listing... not counting the 3 above the page of my "most recently watched".

Thanks for reading my feedback and hope something changes. Please.

Have a great weekend.
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Posted 10/31/11 , edited 11/1/11
Along with that, can you make the information in the Queue meaningful in terms of what I'd be interested in watching?

For example, I have Fate Zero in my queue. It tells me the last episode I watched was ep 3. That's it. There is literally nothing on that page to tell me what the latest -actual- episode is (currently ep 4), and thus allow me to decide whether or not I want to play the latest ep in that series.

I also have Mystic Library of Dantalian in my queue. Latest episode watched is #12. The series ended at #12, but it's still listed as "Ongoing". Should I expect a new episode to show up, or is it safe to delete from the queue? Well, I certainly can't find out from here.

And of course it would be nice to have, say, a check box to indicate whether it should send an email notification when a new episode shows up (see other thread in this forum).
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Posted 11/1/11 , edited 11/2/11
I find the so-called queue a little better than the old watchlist in some ways, but the history feature of the watchlist was way better.

I also find it perplexing that when people asked for a queue, why they didn't copy Hulu's model. That's what people wanted, I would imagine. Why bother spending so much time developing new software to get so little improvement?
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