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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 10/22/11 , edited 10/25/11
Title: Truth Behind Lies
Author: deen22
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Disclaimer: I do not own the "MALE" characters. Every character is Fictional and everyone can think they're the characters. I own NOTHING BUT THE STORY :)


Illumi Kawashima
Cute, naughty and simple girl who went to Japan after knowing her father’s sickness.
She doesn’t know anything about Japanese show business.
She’s simple-minded and straight forward girl,
who tells exactly to anybody what or how she feels towards them or that person.
But sometimes she's hard to pick-up in topics.
Even though she’s like that, still, she has a soft heart and a very sensitive person.

Jesse Kawashima
The sister of Illumi who has a very angelic face.
That whoever sees her will mistook her as an Angel.
She doesn't know anything about Japanese artists.
She’s also a Simple-minded girl and Straight forward who tell whatever she feels.
She loves travelling into different country.
Now she is studying at Meiji University.
The first boy she knew was Kei Inoo.
Who thinks that he's cute and nice.

Zaira Michigo
A cute, kind but stubborn cousin of Illumi
She is very rich and can buy anything she wants.
A straight forward girl which she just simply tell what
she feels in that time whether it's good or bad,
and does not think about the other person’s feelings.

Kazumi Michigo
a cute, friendly cousin of Illumi who loves eating grapes.
She went away from home before and lived in his cousin's place-Umika.
One day she re-visited the Kawashima Residence
and found out about Illumi and Jesse living there.

Hanni Michigo
sister of Zaira and Kazumi.
She’s the only cousin of Illumi who is very close to Japanese Show business and Artists.
She will be the reason on why Illumi and ---
[will be showed on then next release of characters] will be the best of friends.

Umika Kawashima
Illumi’s cousin.
A JPOP artist.
She’s a nice, naughty and noisy whenever she’s with Illumi.

Dan Kawashima
Illumi’s father.
He is comatose because of a car accident.
He was a famous Director.

Kallen Kawashima
Illumi’s mother.
A script writer in the Philippines and Japan.
After hearing her husband’s accident, they went to Japan and now,
they’re living at her cousin’s place – Kumi Kawashima.

Boy Characters (The “BOYS” in Illumi’s Life)

Yuto Nakajima
Bright and Cool boy who has a simple personality-when it’s off the camera.
In short, he’s a JPOP idol and a member of Hey! Say! JUMP.
He has a great voice and he also dances great -
the reason why he is popular with all the ladies in Japan.
He’s very close to all the members of his group and is very naughty when with them.
Deep inside, he wanted someone who can accept him as who he is.
Daiki is his very close friend in all his co-members.

Daiki Arioka
Charming and Adorable boy who’s is very friendly on and off the camera.
He’s very naughty when with his friends and also with other people.
He’s also a member of Hey! Say! JUMP. Charm is his key when on screen.
He looks so adorable on and off the camera.
Plus, he sings so well that pleases the audience.

Ryosuke Yamada
Quiet and Handsome boy who does not talk much.
He’s just a less talk even when he is with his friends.
Well that’s because his friends always talk about crushes and cute girls
–which he is so not interested about.
He thinks that the only reason why girls are nice towards them,
is because of them, being an artist, or simply because they are IDOLS.
That’s why he’s such a lonely man.
Indeed, he’s the most popular member of Hey! Say! JUMP.
Kei is most trusted friend and knows each other very well.

Keito Okamoto
Simple yet Charming boy who loves to speak English to tease his friends.
He’s from other country but he’s also Japanese.
He likes being with his co Members -Hey! Say! JUMP- and treats them very well.
He is very close with Yuuri and tends to be his best friend.
He also treats girls as a very precious thing and has a very fragile heart.

Yuuri Chinen

Very cute and very adorable boy who likes cute things.
He’s also a member of Hey! Say! Jump.
He’s the cutest and the shortest member of them all.
He really likes cute and small things.
Just like his best friend Keito, he treats girls as
the most important thing in the world.

Inoo Kei

Handsome and charming boy who’s always with Ryosuke
He always tell Ryosuke that,
"A guy who isn't in Love would never understand a guy who is in Love."
and says that it is his motto in his life.
He’s also a member of Hey! Say! Jump but he’s 2 years older than Ryosuke.
He always understands his best friend and believes that
the reason why Ryosuke doesn’t like love is that, he doesn’t want to break his heart.

And the Other Hey! Say! JUMP Members
[Consists of 10 members]

Author’s Note:
Newly added Characters will be published as soon as the characters appeared


They say that…
“It's so easy to fall in love but hard to find someone who will catch you.”
But what if…
“It’s hard to fall in love especially when you don’t know which of them you will fall onto”
Illumi is a Half-Japanese, Half-Filipino who came all the way to Japan to visit her father who is comatose.
She has to leave Philippines and study in Japan for her father. But the thing is, she will find love[s].
Illumi liked a guy who also likes her back. But at the same time, that guy’s friends will like her too!
On the other hand, she will accidentally meet a guy who has taken a like to her.
And the thing is, she will like that guy too!
Illumi will be caught into the game of Love… who will she choose?

FB : franchibikeropi26 / Deen_Yuuri26
CR : deen22

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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 10/22/11 , edited 10/22/11
Chapter 1
"Japan – Friends"

End of Chapter 1
Author’s Note :

A very short chapter right? What do you think of Yuto? Is he really that cool? And Illumi too?
Please wait for chapter two to come out! And oh, Thanks for reading!

Author: Deen Romero
Publisher : Ken Arceo

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