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DATS Missions


These missions are for DATS members only, to become a DATS member, you must pass the DATS Test, once accepted, you will officially become a DATS Member,
these missions are issued by me, which will be located either
in the digital world and human world.

Digmon List / Info Guide: If you don't know what digimon is what,
or what the powers of a digmon are,
check here and type their name in the search bar.

Return Digieggs: Once, you defeat a digimon, it will turn into a digiegg.
Collect them and return them to the DATS. (save point)

Digimon age in a similar fashion to real living organisms, but do not die under normal circumstances because they are made of reconfigurable data. Old Digimon and Digimon who receive fatal wounds dissolve into infinitesimal bits of data. The data then recomposes itself as a Digitama and the Digimon goes through its life cycle again. Digimon who are reincarnated in this way will sometimes retain some or all their memories of their previous lifespan. However, if a Digimon's data is "downloaded" as demonstrated in Digimon Tamers, in which all the data of a dying Digimon is absorbed by another, or if the data is completely deleted or destroyed, they will permanently die.

Name of Mission: My Sunshine

Name of Mission: Destruction of the Weak

Name of Mission: Gear Menace

Name of Mission: Digimon Day Care

Name of Mission: Egg-Nappers

Name of Mission: Gears of Arm

Name of Mission: Mischievous Little Impmon

Rookie Level Missions

Name of Mission: Save the Burger Children!

Name of Mission: Search and Rescue

Name of Mission: Protection

Name of Mission: An Egg-cellent Adventure

Champion Level Missions

Name of Mission: Jurassic Park

Name of Mission: Doppelganger Gang

Name of Mission: Heart of Darkness

Name Of Mission: Stop the Data Build Up

Ultimate Level Missions

Name of Mission: House of Horrors

Name of Mission: Face of Darkness

Name of Mission: The Dark Bad Three

Name of Mission: The Labyrinth

Name of Mission: Snake in the Garden

Mega Level Missions

(coming soon....)
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