Posted 10/23/11 , edited 10/23/11
Though nobody really likes rules but they're necessary for things to run smoothly and so that nobody decides to report the group to CR admins and mods.

Role Play Rules

1) No god modding! This is one of the biggest evils in Role Play and is unacceptable. For those of you who don't know what god-modding is: Urban Dictionary: God Modding

2) Make sure you keep it PG-13. Only so much gore, only so much romance and keep your language under control.

3) Your character can be as evil and hostile to other characters as he or she wants but I ask that the role players try to get along. We don't want pages of out-of-character arguments.

4) If your emotions do get the better of you and you want to have it out with another role player or if you don't think what someone is doing is right then have the argument or discussion through PM, if you can't reach an agreement in the case of whether or not one of you is god-modding or something similar, get a mod to settle it.

5) Your character cannot be in two places at once, not just my rules, its against the laws of physiscs as well. If your character can clone him or herself then say so when you're using a clone.

Character Creation Rules

1) Like before, no god modding. This time I don't refer to actively god modding but to creating t power, skills or traits that could allow you to god-mod. This means no sure-thing, one-hit kills, no super powerful, undodgeable attacks, no supreme mind control, no impenetrable defense that protects from all sides for as long as necessary, etc.

2) Once you've been approved try not to change your character application. Minor changes like the character being a couple years younger or older is ok or minor change in weapon, like from one type of sword to another but a new power or a major change in the bio will require re-approval from a mod.

3) This isn't so much a rule as it is a request: Please, no Mary Sues. You might have fun with them but no one else does. I may not be able to do something about a Mary Sue as a mod but if I deem a character to be one then my character will decide to hunt the Mary Sue down and will not rest until that Mary Sue ceases to exist one way or another.

4) I won't object to multiple characters but make sure that you keep up with them if you decide to make them.

5) Max of four dragons.

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