[KSitcom~2011] Bolder By the Day
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Posted 10/23/11 , edited 10/23/11

Park Han-byul headlines “army sitcom” on cable

Cable channel MBN hasn’t yet opened its figurative doors for business, but here’s news of another one of its shows, this time a weekend sitcom starring Park Han-byul, the actress (Oh My Lady), former uljjang, and perhaps most famously, longtime Se7en girlfriend.

The project is titled Bolder By the Day and described as an “army sitcom,” which is a first. Park Han-byul’s character is the first daughter to be born to a long line of only sons (8 generations, in fact), with a colonel for a mother and a lieutenant colonel for a father (Mom rose quicker through the ranks than Dad — I wonder if that’ll become joke fodder).

With that kind of upbringing, our heroine naturally goes into the armed forces herself and becomes a “bright, 4-D, new-generation woman soldier.” I’ll say; Park’s image is generally feminine, chic, and city-girl (with a tendency to play spoiled brats), so if they’re going for great contrast, they’ve got it. The show will explore the family’s everyday lives, as well as their military background.

Park picked the project because it appealed to her right away: “I really love the director and writer’s work, I found the dialogue appetizing, and fell right for the project.” Directing is Jo Jin-kyu of the My Wife is a Gangster series of films, while one of its writers, Moon Sun-hee, wrote THE original Korean sitcom, Three Men, Three Women. A second writer, Choi Dae-woong, wrote for Golden Fishery and Cheerful Hero.

Although MBN hasn’t touted a particular angle yet (such as youth-oriented fare or edgy dramas) and is described as a general programming channel, it looks like they’re carving out a spot for themselves as sitcom central. They’ve got Vampire Idol in the works (about the vampire prince from another planet who comes to Earth to become an idol star) starring Noh Min-woo, and also You Drive Me Crazy, the Friends-style sitcom starring Lee Soo-kyung.

Bolder By the Day will be half as long as the others at 50 episodes, and is set to premiere along with the cable channel in December. Even though we haven’t seen anything yet from MBN, I have to say that I’m intrigued by their angle. If all of their projects center around similarly quirky concepts and unexplored territory, I’m all for it.

Via Joy News

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Posted 11/17/11 , edited 11/17/11
Park Han Byul becomes an adorable soldier for ‘Bolder By The Day’

Park Han Byul is charming fans with a photo from her new sitcom, ’Bolder By The Day‘, in which she plays an adorable, yet strong soldier.

Commenting on her first attempt at sitcom acting, Park Han Byul said, “It’s very interesting to be dressed in a uniform that I generally have no real connection to. I’m enjoying this unique experience of entering the army world. I’m very excited about all the characters that I will get to act out through my sitcom role as Lee Han Byul.”

“Judging from the comfortable atmosphere we’ve had on set from the very beginning, I expect a lot of good chemistry among our team. Although I don’t actually know what military life is like, this is a fun sitcom so I wanted to share the moment with all the viewers.”

She will play the role of a quirky, four-dimensional soldier born into the military family which the show revolves around. ‘Bolder By The Day’ is the collaborative work between Director Jo Jin Kyu (‘My Wife Is A Gangster‘) and writers Moon Sun Hee (‘Golden Fishery‘) and Choi Dae Woong. Other cast members include Park Haemi, Lee Jae Yong, and Kang Ji Sup.

The show will be airing its first episode December 1st.
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Posted 11/30/11 , edited 11/30/11
‘Bolder By The Day’ press conference

MBN upcoming weekend sitcom drama, Bolder By The Day, also held its press conference event yesterday at Scottsdale Convention Hall, Kangnam, Seoul.

The main stars of the drama such as Park Han Byul , Kang Ji Sub, Park Hae Mi, Lee Jae Yoong and Yoon Joo Hee were attended the event.

Bolder By the Day is a sitcom about a military family consist of a colonel wife (Park Hae Mi) and lieutenant husband (Lee Jae Yoong) who have 2 daughters. The first daughter (Park Han Byul) is a second lieutenant and the younger daughter (Yoon Joo Hee) is a jobless aspiring actress.

Bolder By The Day debuts December 3, 2012.

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