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25 / Rainbow Factory
Posted 12/22/11 , edited 12/23/11

underlock wrote:

ZenZaku wrote:

Cecilthedarkknight234 wrote:

ZenZaku wrote:

I don't have any modded devices. I'm not an electronics guy and I'd rather look up other things on the internet than how to become unbeatable in call of duty.

even pricks like that deserve to die slowly, modding a console to play back-ups or games that you already own "say for me i own over 50 ps1one games I am not re-buying any them" so i make my own and get them to run on my psp/ps3 etc by making my digital copies. Also I am avid visual novel player which require decent modders because there are NICHE and I prefer to import the games, apply patches to them however this falls under the same issue.

So you use mods to make older games compatible with newer systems? When it comes to modders in online multiplayer I particularly hate the people who simply went on youtube and learned how to make an aimbot. Real modders are the folks who make old games compatible with new systems and create kickass content for games. For example, Halo Custom Edition. AAnd I agree completely with the not rebuying games you already own.

You don't even know what alienate means.

I do know what alienate means.
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