Going to Japan December 1st
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Posted 10/25/11 , edited 10/25/11
I'm going to Japan December 1st, I'm staying in Narita (hotel is cheaper) I've been there quite a few times but this is my first time being there in winter so I'm excited. Some people may not like to hear this but aside from the obvious touristy things my goal is alway just to get hammered and layed. I've always suceeded but I was wondering if anyone had any good idea's for my trip? Preferably someplace that would inevitably get me wasted and layed. I've only been to Tokyo and Narita... When in Tokyo I go to the Roppangi nightlife district (typically go to the Lexington Queen once I'm there) but I'll skip around and go to some of the Gaijin bars in that area. I'll also go to the bar down the street from my hotel in Narita have a great hit rate there. I'm interested in going to Akita or Kyoto this trip or both. Any suggestions on places to go once I'm there?
Posted 10/25/11 , edited 10/25/11
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