5 Answers
Posted 10/27/11 , edited 10/27/11
Hellooooo~ Minna saaaaan~ ! =D Welcome to the 5 Answers game. Basically, all we have to do is ask for 5 things.


Person one : Give me five places in England
Person two : Leeds, London, Birmingham, Bradford, Plymouth. Give me five songs....And so on ^^
Posted 11/3/11 , edited 11/4/11
I'll do deh five songs one ^^

Neverland, Someday, Take Me Away, ManManHaNi, Bingeul Bingeul xD

Give meh 5 colours
Posted 11/7/11 , edited 11/7/11
Blue, purple, red, yellow, pink

Give me Anime characters ^^
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