Halloween at DMC
Posted 10/27/11 , edited 10/27/11
October 28

*I called everyone into the main office area otherwise known as the couch and other seating areas. I had i black top in the middle of the coffee table. Andon sat with a ripped bunny in his arms, Bakura, Vanessa, Kari, and Jason all took their places. Dante was being stubborn and didnt move himself from the spot at his desk*
: Alright everyone listen up. In this hat i put each of our names in...and since Halloween is coming up i thought we'd do something interesting.
The rules are simple you reach in the hat and pull out a paper with one of our name's on it. Basically who ever you get you need to find a costume for get it?
*Everyone looks at eachother and nods. I hand the hat to Jason who pulls out a name then grins. I look at him, he flipped over the paper so i can see. my face went grim. He pulled out my name. sighing i went to Andon, who apparently gotten Bakura. I went to Vanessa who got Jason, and Bakura who got Vanessa. Kari got Andon and that left me with finding a costume for Kari.*
: Well i can already tell this is gonna be an interesting Halloween.
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