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Before signing up:

Read overall rules!


1.No GODMODDING. You can't win all the time

2.Make sure to write throughly(descriptively). No one liners, scarcely have those please. I don't want this: What? for the person talking or, *I move to the forest with that guy* to show motion. Write in 3rd person. Write like it's a story please. That makes it entertaining to read all the time.

3.I beseech you to be active. Once a week at the very least. Don't abandon this place for an entire month. I'll only respect that if it's the summer time and you're on a month long vacation. But you gotta inform the mods( when I get some. XD lol) and I about you being gone temporarily. If this isn't the case. I'll delete your character in 1-2 weeks of no response after a month has gone by. Maybe even less than a month if you haven't been active really at all and you don't have a good excuse.

4.Invite buddies if they're good rper's. Or, if people want to follow the rp(read the story rp as it goes along) those people should inform me about it.

5. Be creative in making your character or rping! Have fun with it.

6. If you quote people(which you should, it's easier to get the rp going) then put them in spoilers. It'll be a hassle with clouding up the forums with the quotes.You can also delete the quote.

7. Of course, this isn't a secret group. There can be no explicit sex out in the open. I will allow some cussing, and some perviness(don't go overboard, I seriously don't want this group to become a secret group. If you really want to...I guess you can do it over pm..? Or at the very least put it in quotation marks.

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Specifics about making characters and rping here:

Important: This rp will be following chapters/arcs( you could say). Everybody can contribute with the ideas of how the story will advance in the suggestion forum topic. Make them very vague ideas though.

You can make up to 6 characters for now.

Every character that is from Earth originally will end up falling from the sky into Aeternus.

You don't have have to create a character's" parallel" self. Earth and Aeternus counterparts can be considered to simply be characters that share a similar, yet alternative fate in their lives. Eh hem, I shouldn't say official, because both characters could both be important, whether the Earth one or Aeternus one.) if you don't want to. You could say they're already dead in whatever world (Earth or Aeternus) or you just don't want to make the parallel of that character. Besides, for the Earth people it's easy not to make one if you don't want, you don't really have to explain it at all what they're doing if they didn't enter Aeternus, or tried entering Aeternus, or they're not looking for their missing friends if they have any and are simply staying on Earth. I'd like you to mention an Earth counterpart or Aeternus counterpart if you'd please, it would be interesting to see what they're like.

If your character is bad, evil, creepy, or so, make sure he or she stays that way? Somewhat? I don't want the antagonist suddenly agreeing because they see the errors in the oh so terrible ways and have a change of heart. That can happen, but there needs to be an antagonist.


What is it?

The world of Aeternus is merely what they call the parallel world of Earth. Earth and Aeternus are sort of similar. Since this is a parallel world, the inhabitants may look sort of alike to their counterparts of Earth. Indeed...there are many parallel/alternate worlds but it just so happens that a link has been achieved between these two worlds.

How does the world of Aeternus work?
This world has yet to have cell phones, computers, cars, or anything like that. The most advanced transportation are trains. But it cost quite a bit of money. Aeternus is spreaded out by 7 pieces of land that one of the 7 lords own. Sempara, Alanas , and Zephira are allied together. Onax, Noir, and Timbren are allied together. Erina is a neutral area. You can pick one of these lands as your home in the character sign up.
Click here for more info on the 7 lands


The old ways

New ways:
To make it easier.
All money currency is called denari(paper money) and coins are chips.

Species List

Click here for the list of possible species
Your characters can almost be any species you want for Aeternus. The only exemption from this is angel and fallen angels. The list here is to aid you in making a well thought out character and to keep things consistent with each species. Life expectancy will not always have to be followed. It is possible for characters to live longer than their average species.

When completing your character sign up and so I know you read the guidelines put Aeternus somewhere on your post separate from everything else.

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