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Where it all begins for the people of Earth to enter the World of Aeternus....if they aren't already there. In these mystical Forests, full of sheer mystery. In the center of it, if you ever get there, you'll find the glimmering Lake that is the gateway to the parallel universe Aeternus. In this Forest, once you enter it, you'll hear 4 enticing singing voices that will draw you to the lake. Good Luck.

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Julie walked deep into the forest. She held a sword tightly in his hand quite determined She was currently looking for her good friend. Sara. She had been missing for some time. Certainly, Julie didn't think she could've gotten killed, or move away without telling her along with her parents. All over the news they were talking about dissappearences all over the world. Sara's name was mentioned. Julie assumed Sara was kidnapped. So that's why she held a sword to rescue her. Julie looked about even more nervous than before as she walked deeper and deeper into the forest. It felt quiet. Way too quiet for her tastes. But, slowly, very slowly, she heard voices. Singing voices, they sounded so close, yet so far. Julie didn't think much of the singing though, it didn't entrance her, she was only slightly curious in it. Soon, Julie came across a clearing in the forest. She saw a blue lake. It was shimmering, Julie smiled and knelt down close to the lake. She hadn't seen anything like it before. The girl put down her sword for a moment and cupped her hands to examine the water, it was literally shining, light blue in the moonlight. " Beautiful..." she muttered and let the water seep through the spaces between her fingers. Julie grabbed her sword and got up. She had now looked everywhere bascially it felt like 3 entire cities for Sara for a year. Julie sighed and felt like giving up. But this was her friend she was talking about. They had been friends since they were 5. As Julie pondered on all of her thoughts, without noticing she had walked forward into the lake. A great splash came afterwards and Julie became alarmed and trying swimming upwards while still holding her sword. No luck, instead, before she knew it, Julie Sakamato was falling downward...from the sky.

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Vanessa sat still, leaning against a tree and quietly sobbing to herself.  It was dark and cold, and she felt hopeless and lost inside the forest. Everything seemed to go downhill for her ever since the start of the new school year. She had failed a test, didn't get into the classes she wanted, made no friends, and now? Vanessa lost her sole companion, her precious mutt. She shivered again and stood up to find someplace else. 
As she walked aimlessly, an enchanting voice pierced the silent night. Crystal clear and beautiful, Vanessa thought it was the loveliest voice she had ever heard. Following it, Vanessa came across a sparkling lake. It reflected the stars above, and along with the ripples, the lake's surface reminded her of Van Gogh's Starry Sky. 
Vanessa came to the edge and looked for the source of the singing, which had stopped after she reached the lake. She looked down at her reflection. But as she did this, the locket on her necklace dangled and the weight of it cause the chain to break. Vanessa reached for the falling locket and lost her balance in the process. She fell in to the cold water and expected to land at the bottom, but... There was no bottom. Vanessa kicked her feet and began to swim to the surface, but it was all in vain. A strong surge kept pulling her downward. The surge pulled her down deeper in the lake and Vanessa closed her eyes, giving up. At some point, she realized she could no longer hear the sound of air bubbles traveling to get up to the surface; it had been replaced by the wind.
And all the while she was falling, Vanessa kept wondering if she had fallen into Wonderland or Narnia.


Daniel stormed out of the house, enraged. He heard his father calling out to him, but didn't bother looking back. A glass bottle smashed against a tree near Daniel, and it was only then when he looked back. He stared at his father with eyes that screamed of contempt. 
"You come back here right now, young man," his father said in a low growl.
Daniel rolled his eyes. What a cliche thing to say. He shrugged, gave his father the finger, spun on his heel, and ran aimlessly. Behind him, his father spewed curses which caused many of the neighbors' lights to turn on, but he continued to run. And running felt like he was finally ridding himself of burdens and sorrows. He kept running, and the farther Daniel went, the more he felt lighter in conscious and spirit. 
I wonder if this is what freedom feels like, he thought to himself.
For a while, Daniel closed his eyes and ran, miraculously not managing to run into something. As the sounds of an urban town faded, Daniel opened his eyes and found himself in an unfamiliar location. He started to turn back, but then, Daniel heard a song shake up the stillness of the forest. It was too charming to resist, and Daniel walked deeper into the forest, searching for the singer. He came upon a moonlit lake and continued to listen to the song. It sounded like the song was at its end.
"Hello?" Daniel called out. "I'm kinda lost, do you think you can help me? Anybody out there?"
Daniel kicked a few pebbles into the lake, which caused ripples to be made. He squinted, and for a moment, he thought he saw a bird flying, or swimming?, under the lake. Looking up again, he thought he saw a figure on the other side of the lake. Thinking that it was shallow, Daniel waded into the water. But as he stepped foot, he found that the lake was actually deeper. His foot sank in, then his whole leg. Daniel decided to swim across then. But then, when he reached the middle of the lake, Daniel felt a surge pull him downward. He tried to shout for help, but was already down underwater. Just as he was black out from the lack of oxygen, Daniel felt like he passed through a cloud (which he realized he did) and saw that his surroundings had changed again. He was falling from the heavens.

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Stephanie walking down the dark street alleys in Los Angeles, just a casual normal night. She just came out of a night working out from a free gym. As she was walking down a suspicious dark alley, the one she usually walks in, she found she was in the company of about 20 girls.
"Hi girls. Need something?" Stephanie saying in an extremely casual tone.
One girl, about 5'5 in a skimpy outfit. "Yeah, I heard my boyfriend suddenly went to your apartment a few nights ago."
Stephanie laughing, "YOUR BOYFRIEND?" Steph continues to laugh, "He said he was single and asked me out. Of course I refused."
The girl getting red, extremely red, as you could see the color through the night, "W-W-W-W-WHAT?!!!?!?! H-H-H-HE LOVES ME! HE SAID SO HIMSELF!"
Stephanie smirking, "Sorry Miss. He also said he loves me."
"T-t-that's IMPOSSIBLE!" the girl starting to get nervous, "Ashley!"
One large girl from the crowd, dressed up in also skimpy clothes, charged at Stephanie. Before the point of impact, Stephanie spun her legs in the air with her hands supporting her. Her feet kicked Ashley right at the nose, cheek and temples and the big giant fell. After feeling a few hits on her feet, Steph went back to standing up, "Ohhhhh... You're gonna feel that in the morning..."
The lead girl bellowed out, "EVERYONE ATTACK!"
Stephanie thinking to herself, Maybe I should have ran when I should.... She took out her switch blade and with all the girls around her charging at her, Stephanie did some fancy footwork, spinning around her opponents slicing their open skins. The last thing Stephanie remember was that last thud as she was 3 girls away from the leader.
Steph woke up in a mysterious forest with a slight blue hue turning her head, "Oh yeah, that fight..."
She stood up showing herself as an independent grown lady from her hometown. "Where am I anyways?" She felt thumping on the places where she took the hits from the lady gangs. "Ughhh... Not fun... I should've ran back to the gym...." Steph walked to the near by lake with opening spaces all around it. "I can't believe I haven't been here before...." Hearing someone singing, "Hello anyone here?" With curiosity building up, Steph observed around the lake and as she went next to the edge of the lake and fainted without warning. A mysterious force pulled her to the middle of the lake as it lit up with light. Being pulled in the center of the lake, she gradually fell deeper and deeper. Thinking it was all a dream, Steph felt a falling breeze as she fell from the white clouds.

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One evening, Samuel was taking out the garbage for the restaurant he worked at. Upon doing this, he decided to take a quick walk in the forest to relieve him of his stress.

Nix easily traveled from Earth and Aeternus. One day, she heard of her counterpart and decided to seek her so she traveled to Earth. Nix walked through the forest until she saw a blond boy taking a stroll. Nix stayed hidden in the shadows of the forest while she observed. She planned on drinking from him for her meal until he turned around and a glimpse of the sun shined onto his face. It looks exactly like me, she thought. Nix pondered for a second and thought that the boy could be her counterpart. But I’m a girl so shouldn’t my counterpart be a girl too? she wondered. After a few moments of pondering, Nix concluded that this boy was her counterpart. They looked exactly alike and she didn’t believe in coincidences.
Nix decided to lure this boy into Aeternus, where she could observe him and determine if he really was her counterpart. If he isn’t, then I can just use him for my natural food source, she thought evilly. And if he is, well, that’s all the more reason to use him. Nix took a tiny step forward, stepping into the light, showing a tiny glimpse of her face.

Samuel heard some leaves rustling and turned around out of curiosity. His eye caught a girl who was hidden in the shadows. Samuel slowly stepped forward thinking the girl was lost or hurt.

Nix smirked evilly as she saw the boy step closer. Nix raised her hand and gestured him to come forward. Nix slowly moved backwards, leading him towards the lake.

Samuel was confused but curious so he followed after the girl. Because they went deeper into the forest, Samuel lost sight of her until he came upon a lake. He squinted through the darkness trying to find the girl. All of a sudden, he heard someone singing with a beautiful singing voice. His eyes tried to find the source of the voice and he caught a glimpse on the other side of the lake. He realized it was the girl. Samuel continued listening to her sing, fascinated by her voice.

Nix lead the boy all the way to the lake. She thought she lost the boy so she headed to the lake and began singing, hoping it would lead him there. After a few minutes, Nix heard footsteps on the other side of the lake. She briefly stopped singing and in a few seconds she began singing once more, trying to manipulate the boy into walking into the lake. However, after a few minutes when her power should have worked, she realized that her power was not working. Nix was so frustrated and because of this, she jumped into the lake heading back to Aeternus.

Next post- Erina

Samuel closed his eyes as he listened to the song. But when he heard the voice was gone and a light splash in the water, he quickly opened his eyes. Samuel squinted through the darkness trying to find the girl once more, but she disappeared. He figured that she had fallen into the lake so Samuel jumped into the lake and started swimming across trying to find the lake. But as he got closer to the middle of the lake, a force was dragging him downwards and his feet was losing the strength to struggle. Samuel could struggle no more so he said good-bye to the world as he thought he was dying.

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Renee walked into the forest hoping to find the ball that had gone in there, but it was no where to be found. She could hear classmates yelling for her to hurry up so they could play again. Renee walked farther and father away now from the edge of the woods. Next thing you know she had gotten herself lost. "Oh great...." She said to herself in shame. Just a few minutes ago she was at the edge of the woods, now look where she was. A dark and mysterious forest, and no one in sight. "Lost. Of course..." Hoping to find the way back, Renee tried to retrace her steps, however, it failed, leading her deeper into the forest.

As Renee was getting deeper and deeper into the forest, she would feel chills. She brushed it aside just thinking she was just the cold giving her the chills. Renee heard voices around her. Fear slowly crept to her. What would happen to her? It was getting darker and she had no idea where she was. That day Renee was listening to the news. Recently people have gone missing, and she was hoping she wouldn't be the next one. She tried desperately not think of what had happened to them. Killed? Kidnapped? 'Stop it Renee!' She thought to herself.

Renee was getting frantic. All of a sudden she heard a little voice. 'Don't be scared. Just follow my voice and I'll lead you somewhere safe.' As if hypnotized, Renee followed without a second thought. Now she deeper into the forest, and she didn't even know it. The voice seemed to draw her somewhere. So safe.... Huh? She got out of her hypnotized state and stared where she was at. There was a lake where she was at. It seemed nice under the moonlight. Oh how she would regret coming her soon.

What seemed like a nice place was actually a portal to an unknown world. A place that would bring many to the world of Aeternus. Renee heard the voice again. 'Come to me.... I'm over here. Come to the water's edge young one.' Renee walked into the water. At first she thought 'What the heck am I doing!?' but those thoughts soon drifted away the farther she got into the water. Soon she was drifting away. She blanked out from shock.
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Sarah walked through the forest happily because she was getting clues as to where she could get new valubles to steal on the group's next target. She whistled quietly as she walked through the darkened forest completely off-guard thinking thinking that nothing was going to happen. Sarah stopped before a lake and looked down at the note that was told her this was the place where the person was supposed to be located. She glanced around but there was no one in sight and called out,"Hello? Anyone here? I got your note." She then glanced down at her note, but out of no where she felt a strong force that pushed her forward,"What th-?!" Sarah felt herself fall into the cool water of the lake before her and the rest was black.

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