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Posted 10/29/11 , edited 10/29/11
-No god modding! Meaning, if your character is in a certain area, then keep them there UNLESS your traveling and you ended something in one area and are walking or something to another. You may want to put in parenthesis that your done and moving to another forum.
example: (Next post in Outlands)
-Keep to PG-13 everyone, anything beyond that move to PM
-If your going to kill someone, ask them for their permission first
-When quoting, please put the person's quote in spoiler, PLEASE
-Please refrain from using texting style of writing. I dont thnk any1 wants 2 read dis kind o wridin rit?
-Okay, so please use full words and complete sentences. If you just do 'walking next to you' then it just kind of boring. We need action and more creative writing. It really helps. When talking use quotas it helps the person your talking to you know if your talking or not.

Mods, if someone is doing any of these, please kindly stop them.
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Mod Form:
What can you do:
How will you be of help?:

What Mods Do:
-accept characters
-make sure everyone is following rules
-accept new forums
-confirm ideas
-maybe even make a new avii
-edit anything that needs to be edited

Thank You For Reading This
Please do not write in this forum unless your signing up for mod.
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