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Posted 10/29/11 , edited 10/30/11
It is a fairly grand, blue building. It is like the night itself almost. The Observatory is where you can see the stars of course at the top of the building with telescopes. There are books there on the first floor that contain facts about the world and perhaps other things... if you look close enough.
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Shizuka walked into the building and looked around. It was huge! She walked up the stairs, taking her time. Upon reaching the top, she headed to one of the telescopes in the center because she figured she could see more if she was in the middle. Shizuka looked through the telescopes, using her right eye. She was speechless. She hasnt seen soo many stars in a while. There were barely any stars in Noir and if there were, she didnt get a chance to see them. Shizuka decided to stay here for the remainder of her time. After looking at the stars, she was exhausted from all the walking so she headed back downstairs to where the books were. She decided to curl up on one of the reading chairs there. In a matter of minutes, Shizuka fell asleep.
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