Male Bonding: An embarrassing anecdote
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Posted 10/30/11 , edited 11/24/11

Male Bonding: An embarrassing anecdote

Kami Sama… It’s more than a week now, since I dropped by in this neighborhood for holiday… And so far, all I did was sleep, study, and eat… ~Oh, yeah… and watch pirated movies, as well as, anime; purchased from the place called “Quiapo”. *smiles* My Aunt and Uncle, showed me where it is, before we went shopping at one of those; huge shopping malls that even rivaled “Akihabara.” The mall was called, “The Mall of Asia.”

To tell you the truth, after being in Sudan’s… hot and dry climate; Philippine’s hot and humid weather—put a smile on my dial. Once again; while, thanking the person who invented the air conditioner. Ha ha ha!!

I noticed that Filipino hospitality was indeed; either, very warm… or perhaps, maybe they were just—curious about me..? Because for some reason… Someone always seemed to drop by every so often, just to say hello… which, was normally intercepted by my Aunt… with some sort of excuse such as, “Koji is currently sleeping…” (That’s how I knew, that they were after me.) Honestly speaking; she was not far from the truth… the timeline difference kept my sleeping patterns out of whack… (Or perhaps, it was just me, with my usual bad habit.) *Ahahaha…

But, last night, was different… A couple of dude crashed in, while we were still having our dinner… with bottles of beer and some finger picking nibbles between them. They seemed to be very familiar with everyone, judging from the way they come in, and settled in the living room, comfortably… on their own.

And, as soon as we finished our dinner—Aunt Ellen, rise up from her seat and started preparing cups of coffee for everyone with two pieces of kisses chocolate sitting nicely on the saucer next to the cup of coffee… She was really attentive… I thought, which reminds me of my Mom. *smiles*

“Sige na… while pointing at the living room (I need to tidy up… so move your blooming ass… somewhere else.)” Well, that was my own interpretation of her bossy gestures anyway. *smiles*

Upon approaching the vacant seat in the living room couch, across the television… where news was currently being aired, regarding the up-and-coming “All Saint Day, golden week holiday.” The two dudes extend their hands in a friendly gesture, and introduce themselves as my cousins… So, I replied politely, “I’m Koji…” as I reached up, for their hands one after the other… and then sat on the opposite end of the two seat or, love-seat couch where my Uncle is. The one named Rico reached out for the bottle opener and started opening some beer bottles… while, Uncle and I was still leisurely sipping our coffee and enjoying the chocolate kisses… with our gaze focused on the wide screen television three paces—right in front of us: when a couple of freshly opened beer bottles was placed next to our nearly emptied coffee cups.

Uncle raised his head and replied, “Pass muna, may pasok pa ko bukas…” and then, he put his hand on my head, and uttered, “Koji is the one you came here for… di ba?”

I slightly sunk my neck in between my shoulders, like a turtle; while gazing towards my newly acquainted cousin’s direction… with a cautious smile on my face.

“Goodnight… and don’t stay-up too late… Koji” Uncle added… as he followed my Aunt in their bedroom.

“~Jeez… Here I am again.” I thought, “Left to fend on my own with a couple of newly acquainted strangers.”

Meanwhile, they were already on their second round, when they both looked at me… and reminded me that beer; taste a lot better, while they were still chilled.

As an act of self-preservation; I instinctively replied and yet, hesitantly wondered—how to kindly decline, “I, yaah… he, he he… I don’t… drink… ” But, before I could finish my sentence the one named, “Vergilio, with a pet name, “Itik.” Responded, “Come-on; don’t tell me… you don’t drink beer..?” With a bashful smile on my face, I nodded, and then uttered, “Yes, I don’t drink beer…”

However, in my mind; I don’t think, they needed to know, that the very reason, why I don’t drink beer—was because, for me… beer tasted more like carbonated water with sugar… and the fact, that I enjoyed the dry sensation of rum, scotch, and odorless vodka… as much as those, dessert liquor that leaves a trail of satisfying sweetness, as it slides down my throat, where it’s quick warming effect on my chest, makes my cheeks glow, and not to mention; the way, it makes my head spins almost in an instant… Well, *smiles* I believed… deep down in my heart, that it doesn’t matter much; whether they knew; those fine details about me… and my favorite poison, or not… *smiles*

Anyhow, for some reason… the two self-proclaimed cousins of mine, cast their gaze towards me with some sort of stoked looked in their eyes. "~Ah, a couple of frog in the well…” I thought.

Itik walked into the kitchen and pulled out a chilled glass that was resting in the freezer compartment few moments ago—and then, poured the contents of the beer bottle (that was sitting next to my now empty cup of coffee) into the chilled glass. Afterwards, he stood up and occupied the vacant space on the love-seat couch that I am currently sitting on, just to handover the chilled glass of beer directly to my hand. “What an intimidating guy,” I thought.

“Mabuhay!” They both shouted as they raised their glass of beer in the air and hold it up there… waiting for me, to join in—so, without any further a-do, I give in… I raised my glass of beer in the air; next to theirs… and, shouted… “Mabuhay!” That was the proof of my official membership as their newly appointed drinking buddy, I thought… Afterwards, we chugged along until—we could see the bottom of our glass. ~Haaaaah! The synchronized sound we produced as we grasp for breath, after drinking the entire pint of beer in one go. If it sounds silly; probably, because it is… unfortunately, this is nothing more—than the initial stage of male bonding… gear. *sigh*

“Your true personality will be revealed, once the spirit sets you free.” Just another old monk’s tale, I thought. However, in our case; it took another two more rounds before the spirit work his way into the 2nd gear of our male bonding stage… called, “Opening up…” All our cheeks are blushed in deep pink, and the sound of television was toned down to minimum, so we could be able to hear each other out.

Meanwhile… Those clandestine glances; that was being cast to-and-fro, between the two of them reminded me of a game of tag, I keep thinking, perhaps, maybe… it’s my turn to reach out. Therefore, I put down my half-emptied glass of beer on the coffee table, and pop a question, while Itik was dilly-dallying lazily—sorting out all the roasted peanuts and deep fried green peas, grouping them together on the opposite side of the nibbles tray.

“Hey, dude… (as I pet itik’s shoulder gently) If you don’t mind me asking; why did he (pointing at Rico) calls you Itik, when your name was supposed to be Vergilio?”

Vergilio suddenly froze before my very eyes… turning his head slowly like a possessed mechanical toy clown in one of those stereo typed horror movies in order to cast his glaring stare towards me… “~Ooops, I think… I hit a land mine!” I thought… and then, suddenly… Rico burst-out laughing… Ahahaha!

“JACKPOT!” Rico shouted while holding his stomach in—twisting around like a blooming pretzel. “He was called ‘itik’ because he was so cute like a little fluffy duckling—when he was little, but when we all grew-up he ended-up looking like an ugly duckling! Aha ha ha!!!”

“SHUT UP!” Itik forcefully shouted, as he thrown a handful of peanuts towards Rico. “Cocoy! At least I’m cute—COCONUT HEAD!!”

“Shhh,” I put my index finger across my lips, as a gesture to remind both of them; to lower the tone of their voices. And it worked like a charm… *smiles* unfortunately, it worked so well, it seemed; I found myself back in their menu… “Yikes!” As the last resort to avoid those glaring stare, that matches their grinning smile; I turned my face away from them, and drunk the remaining beer left in my glass… afterwards, I slammed the empty glass on the coffee table and uttered with a straight face… “Another round… please?”

Itik and Cocoy, went back to their seats and drunk what remains in their glass as well… afterwards, they opened the last three bottles of beer… Kind to think of it, the air conditioner in this house worked so well, even though the beer was not kept in the fridge since we’ve started; it remained relatively cool… up until now. After taking a sip—I noticed that Itik was somewhat looking at me with one of those cute puppy dog eyes…

Kami Sama, it seemed that I am once again in a verge of incoming—possible catastrophe, that I might not be able to avoid… tasukete kudasai onegai shimasu…” I prayed quietly to myself. *sigh*

“Oi, Koji… are you trying to avoid me?” Itik asked with a tinged of sad expression in his eyes.

“~Eh? Me…? (Pointing at myself) Avoiding you..? Ha ha ha!! Of course not, why—why would I try to avoid you and your cute little blushing cheeks for...? *smiles, while pinching his already blushed cheeks teasingly.*” Meanwhile, at the corner of my eye I could spy Cocoy glaring at both of us with knives and daggers kind of stare.

“Really?” Itik holds my hands and made those cute puppy dog eyes again… “Then, please tell me honestly… You do like women, aren’t you?”

“All of the sudden, I felt hopeless… caught in a web of two closet-queen spider that regardless what I say, I’m going to get myself eaten anyway… however, I might be able to live a little longer, if I keep my aces close to my heart… hopefully.” I thought… “If they want an honest answer; then, I shall give them a damn good one!” I quietly said to myself.

I retrieved my hands back from Itik’s clutches and grabbed my pint of beer sitting on top of the coffee table and then, take a long sip, “~Haaaah, this beer sure is refreshing!” And then, smiles sweetly afterwards, I can see how patiently they waited for my response… therefore, out of respect… I turned my head towards them, and then, look at them in the eyes with sincerity… “Of course I like women: as a matter of fact I adored women.” It was then, when the feeling inside their heart matches the miserable expression on their face. ~ So, I lifted Itik’s shin gently… and uttered softly, “But, it depends… how you define women: Becoming a woman is not always based on physical appearance: her beauty, her charm, and her personality resides within her heart.” While gently pressing my hand—touching the part of his chest—where his heart is, and then paused.

“I nearly melted my own heart with that little speech…” I thought. “Perhaps, that was the very reason: why, I couldn’t find her, myself… *sigh* Well, at least now, I know why… *another sigh*”

I drunk the remaining beer left in my glass, while I was still contemplating about: what I just said… When, I noticed the two closet queens with an even more weird expression on their dial this time… and that was it—the last drop of beer was finally consumed.

“I guess, it’s my turn… to contribute,” I thought. So, I stood-up and wade my way out—from the empty bottles of beer on the floor. When all of the sudden…

“Hey, whe—where are you going..?” Cocoy asked… with a smile on his face; and his eyes barely open… “My turn to contribute…” I replied, politely… “Yey!” Itik yelled out with a big smile on his dial, while caressing the little throw-pillow with his cheeks. By the time I returned with a bottle of Bacardi rum… my drinking buddies were both passed out… *sigh* Auntie will definitely be upset once she sees all this mess in the morning; I thought, so I tidied-up… a bit, before… I dragged those two donkeys in my room… since the carpet in my room is a bit more comfortable to sleep on than one in the living room.

*Smiles* “It wasn’t such a bad nightcap after all,” I thought to myself, after having a shower and brushing my teeth as a last resort to get rid of the beer stench in my breath… before I retire to bed… myself.

However, the morning greeted us with a rather rude awakening… when Auntie screamed from the top of her lungs, after she saw three half naked guys, stacked up like toppled dominos in one bed. *deep sigh…*

Kami Sama, that would be the 3rd gear—and this is the most embarrassing male bonding experience, I’ve ever had in my life, so far… I hope you could forgive my foolishness, and erase this embarrassing experience from everyone’s memory, including mine… I pray. *Deep Sigh*


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Posted 10/30/11 , edited 10/30/11
Author's note:

Embarrassing experience makes an anecdote memorable, well, that was just my opinion... *smiles*

This particular anecdote about me and my drinking buddies, strike a chord in my heart... I didn't realize that my definition of a beautiful woman, is not always based on physical appearance, but rather, what resides within her heart. No wonder, I was having difficulty finding her...

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Hey im tj
I ned a bf
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Indeed I must agree with u Mr art our
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@xxdeathboyxx01 and shotaboi125

With my deepest gratitude... Thank You. *smiles*

If both of you would let me, *smiles shyly, while fiddling with the tip of my fingers* I would be delighted to call you my dear friends... for starters. Until we feel more comfortable enough to take up another step.

"Friendship is a Privilege, rather than a Right." And yet, it humbly starts with smile and a sincere gesture of telling that person that you like him or her.

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