JCCC/AN Halloween Doujinshi Festival 2011 Report
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Posted 10/30/11 , edited 10/30/11
JCCC/Anime North 2011 Halloween Doujinshi Festival on October 28 from Toronto

Website under the news section for the Halloween event at http://www.animenorth.com/main/

Welcome to another event report as this was a 1 night affair for the Halloween Doujinshi Festival held for charity at the JCCC in Toronto at Garamond Court. There was a decent turnout of 400 plus for this mix of a ballroom dance, a cosplay Halloween project with just about everyone in attendance in costume, a small smattering of dealers and artists selling their wares, and a few shows, which included again this year the 404s improv comedy troupe!

Just prior to the show there was another event with the 404s as panellists for the classic game show the Match Game! Contestants got to try to match answers to fill in the blank statements (that normally resulted in more comedy) for prizes. There were quite a few unique answers from Sailor Bubba to full scale models of Gundams while there was a special guest appearance by Reverend Garterbelt from the anime Panty and Stocking and even a daring escape by one of the panellist. It was fun to get to do an older game show, whose music reminds us the 1970s used the same music for game shows as for dances and adult films.

Right after then was the 2 hour show, with about 30 rotation audience members attending the intimate Halloween costumed improv comedy show. It started with some World’s Worst examples of things like cops who had peculiar ways to frisk people or ride into work. From there it got More Specific as a scene about a pasta shop owner afraid of horses in a spaghetti western asked the long named sheriff to find the tracks to the culprit. The audience got to participate throughout the show as always, from being dead bodies at a video game date in someone’s basement, to being Pillars for the actors to ask for lines when needed which set up a drive to Toronto Mayor’s Rob Ford’s house in a cardboard car running on hoarse moaning power to scare him in bed with his fear of bees.

The audience contributed in other ways as well. They lent some props from shoes and a furry tail to a sword and pitchfork for the 404s to act out quick scenes on how to eat to talking into shoe phones. There were also books lent for Every Other Line for 2 of the actors for a milkman’s day that ended up involving Dungeon and Dragon stat increases and Terry Pratchett descriptions of rats.

There were some other hilarious moments, from a Murder involving Charlie Sheen being killed with a toothbrush at Sea World that evolved over telephone describing into Darth Helmet of Spaceballs being involved, to an Interrogation about a crime involving Rebecca Black in London to even a Film Noir where there was another murder over owning adult literature. Not everything involved a crime during the show, as the 404s had their own game show with the Dating Game with 3 bachelors: Mr. Rogers, a Chinese ghost and a Holocaust survivor fending off zombies. There was also a film where the director changed a film about Stephen King’s new film ‘Thickening’ from a Batman movie against Clayface to a constant shootout of a monster that kept growing with each shot. Another film was told in a minute, Psycho, then told in half amount of the time three more times as the action was fast and furious in the shower with the proclaimed psycho. For the Halloween holiday the actors also made a new Snooki costume while standing, sitting and doing crunches, to ending on all sorts of conga scenes suggested from the audience.

It was a fun night of comedy in costume! For some photos of the show you can check out right here on site at http://www.crunchyroll.com/user/trigunkwan/photos under the ‘Con Pics’ album. As always the 404s will be presenting more shows at various venues as outlined at their website http://the404s.com/ so see you next time for more fun and laughs!
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