Streets of Zephira
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Posted 10/30/11 , edited 10/30/11
Zephira's streets is made up of lush grass really. This is where you rp for where people live and everyday life walking on the streets. In a few places there are dirt paved streets, but not many in Zephira.
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Posted 11/8/11 , edited 11/9/11
Steph felt the impact of her landing on the hay. She immediately woke up and rushed to sit up, "W-where am I? Am I still dreaming?"
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Posted 11/12/11 , edited 11/12/11
Shizuka got off the ship and walked around, exploring like what she did with Sempara. Upon walking, she came upon something that looked interesting to her. It was a big blue building. She decided to go inside it.

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Posted 11/26/11 , edited 11/26/11
When Sarah woke up, she was inside someone's house and saw them pouring water into a cup. She blinked slowly wondering where she was,"Um, where am I?" She saw the person slightly jump surprised by the sound of her voice, but slowly walked towards her with the water.

"Hello, child. I found you on the streets and was worried as I have never seen you before." The woman explained to her,"I am surprised you don't remember where you are. Right now you are in Zephira in the world of Aeternus. Are you from Earth or from far away?"

Sarah wasn't sure if she trusted the woman and smoothly lied,"Oh, definitely not from Earth. I am from a different part of Aeternus and have traveled here. I just didn't remember. That's all." She stood up and sat down again as the world spinning,"Ok, too fast. Too fast."

The woman slightly chuckled,"You may stay here as long as you like, child." She set down the cup of water and walked away from her.

"Oh, thanks, but I should probably get going." Slowly standing up this time, she walked out of the room to explore the street of 'Zephira'. If it was really called that. Sarah walked out of the small house and into the streets. She looked around and saw it was a peaceful play to be as everyone walked around. She started walking down the street opposite of the house wondering where it would take her.

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